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Cloud Based EDI vs In-House EDI Solution

Introduction Before understanding the key differences between a cloud based EDI  vs In house EDI solution. First, let understand why cloud technology is gaining more popularity in recent times. Cloud EDI Solutions are the future of B2B communication. They allow businesses to communicate and exchange EDI documents with each other in real time from anywhere […]

What is a GPC?

Cloud EDI Benefits for Small Business

Define Cloud EDI Cloud EDI is a modern approach to electronic data interchange (EDI) that leverages cloud computing technology to facilitate the exchange of business documents and data between organizations. EDI is a standardized method for transmitting business information electronically, such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notifications, in a structured and machine-readable format.  Cloud […]

BLOG -20 Benefits of EDI Outsourcing

20 Benefits of EDI Outsourcing

Introduction In this blog, we will discuss The definition of EDI outsourcing, 20 benefits of EDI outsourcing and also provide you with some free downloadable EDI outsourcing guides Define EDI Outsourcing EDI outsourcing is having a third-party company like Commport Communications manage a part or entire process of using EDI to exchange data with trading […]

Benefits of EDI Mapping - Commport Communications

What is EDI Mapping?

Define EDI Mapping EDI mapping is a conversion process in which the translation of data structures from a proprietary file (in CSV format, txt, SAP IDoc, ERP-specific, etc.) to an EDI standard format (EDIFACT, ANSI X12, etc.) and vice versa.  Effective mapping ensures that data can flow seamlessly between trading partners, streamlining business operations, reducing […]

BLOG - 11 Reasons to Choose Commport Communications as Your Managed EDI Service Provider

11 Reasons to Choose Commport Communications as Your Managed EDI Service Provider

Managed EDI Service Provider Commport Communications Is North America’s one of the leading managed EDI service providers. Let our Commport team of EDI experts handle all the integrations for your business. We work with all trading partners. Trusted by over 6000+ brands. 100% EDI compliance guaranteed. Here are 11 reasons why you should Commport as […]