BLOG - What does it mean to be EDI Capable

What Does it Mean to be EDI Capable?

What Does EDI Capable Mean? EDI capability refers to the ability of a business to use EDI to send and receive EDI documents electronically with partners, vendors, suppliers, and other customers. This includes things like whether the company has the software needed to send and receive EDI messages. To become EDI capable there are two […]

BLOG -How EDI is Used in Medical Billing

How EDI is Used in Medical Billing?

Introduction Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) plays a significant role in medical billing and healthcare administration. EDI is a standardized method of exchanging electronic information between different healthcare entities, such as healthcare providers, insurance companies, and government agencies. In the context of medical billing, EDI is used to streamline the process of submitting claims, receiving payments, […]

Supply Chain Analytics Solution - Commport Communications

21 Reasons Why Businesses Must Invest in Supply Chain Analytics Solution

Introduction  The goal of a supply chain analytics solution is to help measure key performance metrics that improve the efficiency of the entire supply chain by optimizing the flow of goods through the system. This includes everything from inventory management to transportation planning. The Importance of Supply Chain Analytics There are two main reasons why […]

Why Choose Commport as your EDI Service Provider

Why is it Important to Have a Single Source EDI Service Provider? 

Who is an EDI Service Provider? EDI service provider is any company that provides EDI services or software to help businesses connect with their trading partners and exchange standardized EDI documents/transactions. EDI providers can also concentrate on services, like VAN,  EDI Service Bureaus, or other value-added services. Some EDI providers may focus on specific vertical […]

EDI in Supply Chain Management - Commport Communications

The Role of EDI in Supply Chain Management

Introduction The EDI in Supply Chain Management allows businesses to exchange data electronically using a standardized format. This helps reduce errors and costs associated with manual processes. Today EDI in supply chain management is more important than ever, because of the pandemic several industries are affected by supply chain issues and the whole world is […]