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Commport offers a wide range of services which includes, value-added network (VAN) services, EDI translation services, and GDSN services

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EDI Translation and Integration Services

These services facilitate efficient data exchange, enabling businesses to effectively collaborate with partners and automate critical business processes.

EDI Translation and Mapping Services

Commport offers customers the ability to generate business documents from their in-house system and seamlessly convert them into an EDI standard format, tailored to meet the specific requirements of trading partners.

Value Added Services

Commport's value-added services eliminate the burden of extra work, allowing you to focus on your core business. These services encompass Standard Support Packages, Validation Services, 997 Reporting, and more, ensuring smooth operations and peace of mind.

EDI Development - Professional Services

Embarking on the EDI journey can be daunting, but with Commport's Professional Services, you can receive expert guidance and support to kickstart your EDI implementation and ensure a smooth beginning.

B2B Data Integration


Value Added Network Services

Value Added Network (VAN) services provide a secure and reliable platform for businesses to exchange edi documents with their trading partners. These services offer enhanced features such as data translation, validation, tracking, and reporting, facilitating seamless communication and efficient collaboration between organizations.

Dedicated Mailbox Setup

Commport offers a secure and dedicated mailbox for each client which can be used to send and receive EDI messages 24/7.

EDI Via Multiple Communication Protocols

Secure File Transfer Protocol or SFTP, FTP Communications Setup and Testing, AS2 Communications Setup and Testing.

VAN New Trading Partner - Direct Connect

As each trading partner has unique onboarding requirements, it is crucial to provide a tailored approach to establish connections, foster supply chain partnerships, and support business growth. The Commport team consistently delivers personalized support, ensuring seamless integration and strengthening collaborative relationships.


Global Data Syncronization Services

GDSN  services enable businesses to synchronize and share accurate and up-to-date product information with their trading partners. These services help streamline supply chain operations, improve data accuracy, and enhance collaboration, ensuring consistent and reliable product data across the entire supply network.

GDSN Services from Commport Datapool

Commport Datapool offers unique features to enable suppliers and retailers to manage their product catalogs and receive up-to-date information.

GDSN Value Added Services

Commport Datapool integration module automates the publication of products on the GDSN network. It helps both suppliers and buyers update with the most up-to-date product data attributes.


What People Say About Us

Discover the transformative impact of our EDI, CPS, and VAN solutions through the powerful testimonials of satisfied clients who have experienced remarkable results with Commport products and services.


Frequently Asked Questions

EDI translation means converting data from enterprise-specific and irregular formats into standardized and organized structures that are compliant with EDI standards.

EDI mapping is a tool for managing multiple EDI standards within a single EDI system, and for translating EDI-specific standards into formats that other business tools can read and understand.

Commport’s 997 Reporting service takes on the responsibility interpreting all your 997s, finding the documents (i.e. invoices, purchase orders, etc.) that the 997 is acknowledging.

Transferring EDI data via sFTP connection. sFTP is much better than other file transfer protocols as it can easily support large file transfers and as well as bulk file transfers because of these it saves time compared to other modes of communications like email or cloud solutions.

AS2 stands for Applicability Statement 2 and it is one of the most popular methods for transporting B2B EDI (Electronic data interchange) documents from one organization to another. Learn more about EDI via AS2.

FTP stands for file transfer protocol, it is the most widely used communication protocol even today enabling connectivity via a TCP/IP network, such as the internet, to transfer files between two parties. Learn More EDI via FTP.


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