New Trading Partner Setup

A trading partner refers to a business partner with whom you trade goods, and in the context of EDI, support the trade activities using electronic communications.

Before you start exchanging your EDI documents with your trading partner, there are several steps that must be taken to make a successful connection between trading partners.

You will need to configure a physical connection to Commport to connect with your mailbox and support the data exchange function. You need to identify any required routing instructions such as whether you need different document types to be indifferent mailboxes and then perform the configuration and you need to establish the workflow for processing the documents. You also need to establish the communications connection that will be used to support the document exchange with the trading partner.

For Example: If you are a supplier, and a retailer wants to send you EDI documents, then you will need to know how they will be sending the document and ensure that the connection is configured and then within your own systems, you need to create an incoming purchase order mailbox path.

Similarly, if you are a retailer, and a supplier wants to send you an EDI invoice for your purchase order, then the retailer needs to create an incoming invoice mailbox path


Commport New Trading Partner Onboarding Process

Below are the 6 steps process to successfully onboard a new trading partner


Why choose Commport, as your EDI partner?

One of many things that separates Commport from other EDI providers is experience. We have been providing EDI services to our clients since 1985 and we are recognized as one of the leaders in the EDI industry, supported and trusted by 1000’s trading partners around the globe.

Every onboarding is different, and the requirements change from one trading partner to another, it’s important to provide a personalized approach to each partner which in turn establishes the connection, increases supply chain partnership, and supports business growth. The Commport team routinely delivers on this level of support. Consider how easy is it to add new trading partners to the system? What does that process look like?

Some of the other important things to keep in mind when choosing an EDI provider include the customer support, the connectivity options and the pricing plan being offered.


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