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Commport Datapool services are a set of essential tools and designed to streamline and optimize the management, distribution, and synchronization of product data. Three key components of datapool services are GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network), PIM (Product Information Management), and Product Syndication.

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What are Commport Datapool Solutions?

Datapool Services, play a crucial role in enhancing the accuracy, consistency, and efficiency of product data management and distribution within the digital commerce landscape.

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Commport Datapool Services, comprising of GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network), PIM (Product Information Management), and Syndication, are pivotal components of modern data management and distribution strategies. GDSN ensures the standardized and seamless exchange of precise product data among business partners, bolstering supply chain efficiency. Meanwhile, PIM acts as a centralized hub for the systematic handling, enrichment, and dissemination of product information, guaranteeing data consistency and elevating its overall quality. Lastly, Syndication is the process of disseminating product details across various channels and platforms to maintain a uniform customer experience and expand outreach, thus playing a vital role in modern commerce operations.

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What are the differences between Commport GDSN, PIM, and CPS Datapool Services

Commport PIM (Product Information Management), Commport GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network), and Commport CPS (Product Syndication) are distinct solutions that address different aspects of managing product information within the supply chain. 

Here are some key differences:
1. Scope and Focus:
  • PIM: Commport PIM focuses on centralized management and enrichment of product information within an organization. It provides tools to create, organize, and distribute comprehensive and rich product data across multiple channels.
  • GDSN: Commport GDSN is a standardized network that enables the exchange of accurate and consistent product information between trading partners. It establishes a common language and format for data synchronization, ensuring harmonized product information across the supply chain.
  • CPS: Commports CPS solution combines the strengths of both PIM and GDSN. It centralizes product data management like PIM but also facilitates standardized data exchange with trading partners and external channels like GDSN. CPS offers a holistic approach to managing, enriching, and synchronizing product data both internally and externally.
2. Data Management:
  • PIM: Commports PIM solution centralizes and manages product data from various sources, including internal systems, suppliers, and departments. It offers features for data enrichment, quality control, and collaboration, enabling businesses to create compelling and consistent product information.
  • GDSN: Commport GDSN operates through interconnected data pools and facilitates the synchronization and distribution of product information. It focuses on data accuracy, consistency, and real-time updates, providing trading partners with the most up-to-date product information.
  • CPS: Commports CPS solution offers centralized data management capabilities similar to PIM. It also incorporates GDSN’s emphasis on standardized data exchange. This combination allows businesses to manage their product data internally while seamlessly synchronizing it with trading partners, ensuring data consistency across the supply chain.
3. Extent of Standardization:
  • PIM: Commport PIM offers flexibility in terms of data modeling and attributes, allowing businesses to tailor their product information based on specific requirements. While they support standard formats like GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and other industry-specific codes, they are not limited to strict standardization.
  • GDSN: Commport GDSN is built on a set of standardized attributes and formats defined by GS1. It ensures consistent data exchange between trading partners by enforcing adherence to these standards. GDSN promotes harmonization and consistency in product information across the supply chain.
  • CPS: Commport CPS solution strikes a balance between flexibility and standardization. They allow organizations to customize product data as needed, similar to PIM, while also supporting standardized data exchange with trading partners, aligning with GDSN’s principles.
4. Collaboration and Channel Distribution:
  • PIM: Commport PIM facilitates collaboration among teams within an organization for creating, enriching, and approving product data. They offer features like workflow management and version control to streamline collaboration processes. PIM solutions also support the distribution of product data across multiple channels, ensuring consistent and accurate information.
  • GDSN: Commport GDSN focuses primarily on data synchronization and exchange between trading partners. While it facilitates collaboration through real-time updates, its main goal is to ensure that accurate and standardized product data is available to trading partners, rather than supporting extensive collaboration features or channel-specific distribution.
  • CPS: Commports CPS solution combines the collaborative features of PIM with the standardized data exchange capabilities of GDSN. This means organizations can collaborate internally on product data while seamlessly sharing standardized data with trading partners and external channels.
5. Regulatory Compliance:

PIM: Commport PIM solution can assist businesses in meeting regulatory compliance requirements by facilitating accurate and up-to-date product information management. It can support compliance efforts in areas such as product labeling, safety regulations, nutritional information, and more.

  • GDSN: Commport GDSN plays a role in regulatory compliance by enabling accurate and standardized product data exchange. It helps businesses adhere to industry-specific regulations such as FDA’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) or the EU’s Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIC) by ensuring that trading partners have access to compliant product information.
  • CPS: CommportCPS solutions offer a comprehensive approach to regulatory compliance. It allows organizations to manage and enrich product data to meet regulatory requirements (similar to PIM) while ensuring that compliant data is synchronized with trading partners and external channels (similar to GDSN). This ensures end-to-end compliance across the supply chain.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Data Synchronization is the process of collaborating with trading partners by sharing the same standardized catalogue information for use in their supply chain. Catalogue information includes location information (ship to locations, corporate headquarters etc.) as well as product information (Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), dimensions, descriptions, brand etc). In addition, data synchronization provides a framework to automatically communicate and update the information with all affected parties as changes are made. Data Synchronization enables Walmart to obtain all of the necessary product data it requires to trade with your company via electronic communication, through your GDSN-certified data pool.

The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) ensures standardized product information across the supply chain. By synchronizing data among trading partners, GDSN minimizes discrepancies, improves data accuracy, and enhances overall product information management

Product Information Management (PIM) centralizes and harmonizes product data, ensuring consistency across different channels. It streamlines product information updates, reducing errors, and providing businesses with a single, reliable source for accurate product details.

Product Syndication is the process of distributing product information across various online channels. This enhances a product’s visibility, boosts brand presence, and increases the likelihood of reaching a wider audience in the digital marketplace.

Product Syndication optimizes product listings with consistent and accurate information across multiple platforms. This not only builds customer trust but also improves search visibility, driving higher traffic and increasing the chances of conversions in the competitive e-commerce space.


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