EDI Translation and Mapping Services

Commport offers customers the ability to generate business documents from their in-house system and seamlessly convert them into an EDI standard format, tailored to meet the specific requirements of trading partners.

Most business and ERP systems don’t inherently read or create business documents using the international EDI data standards such as ANSI X12 and UN EDIFACT. As a result, there is some sort of translation or transformation needed to convert documents to and from business systems for use.

Commport allows customers to create business documents from an in-house system and have them converted to an EDI standard format that meets trading partner requirements. The document in EDI format is then sent using the Commport VAN and communicated to the business partner who will then convert the EDI standard document into the format which meets their internal system requirements for processing.

Inbound documents flow through a similar path where they are received from partners into the Commport network and then converted to the specific format required for integration into the customer’s business system


Benefits of Using Commport’s Hosted EDI Translation Service

Commport's Hosted EDI Translation Service provides secure and compliant data transfer, increasing operational speed and productivity through automation and streamlined document exchange. By simplifying processes and reducing costs associated with manual processing, businesses can focus on their core competencies while leaving technical requirements to the experts.


How does Commport’s EDI translation service work for buyers and suppliers?

Commport’s EDI mapping service can map data on an EDI-to-EDI basis or on an EDI to another format.


EDI Mapping Services

Commport’s EDI mapping service can map data on an EDI-to-EDI basis or on an EDI to another format.


EDI mapping is a process of establishing the translation of EDI documents to or from a format that is used for integration.

During this mapping process, data structures are defined so that documents can be translated to or from an EDI standard format (EDIFACT, ANSIX12) to a proprietary file that can be easily integrated into a backend business system (ERP).

Here is a sample of some of the most common file format mapping supported by Commport’s Hosted EDI Translation service.

  • EDI to/from CSV format
  • EDI to/from TXT
  • EDI to/from SAP IDoc
  • EDI to/from Flat file
  • EDI to/from Excel
  • EDI to/from XML
  • EDI to/from Delimited
  • Flat file to/from Flat File (any to any translation)
  • ANSI X12
  • SAP IDoc
  • Flat files
  • XML


Benefits of EDI Mapping as a Managed Service

leveraging EDI mapping as a managed service can provide organizations with the expertise, cost savings, scalability, data quality, efficiency, and ongoing support necessary for successful and reliable EDI transactions.



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