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Commport EDI outsourcing is also suitable if you have implemented a fully integrated EDI compliant system but still have partners who want to send you faxes. Commport’s managed EDI Service Bureau can be your clearinghouse for fax automation. We can process all of your paper-based documents and generate their electronic equivalents in the format of your preference for electronic integration. What could be easier?

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What is EDI Outsourcing?

EDI outsourcing is the process of having a third-party companies like Commport Communications to manage a part or the entire process of using EDI to exchange data with trading partners. While businesses of many sizes use EDI outsourcing, the primary benefit is usually associated with smaller businesses.

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EDI outsourcing for a hassle-free solution

Commport EDI outsourcing offers fully managed EDI services built on our strength and expertise. We will receive your purchase orders at our office and forward them on to you via fax or email. You simply fulfill the order and send the details of the shipment back to us. We’ll enter this information for you and send it on to your end customer.


This economical solution is perfect for if you are:

A Seasonal Vendor

A seasonal vendor who only needs to exchange EDI documents during specific times of the year

You need EDI ASAP

Needing to meet a retailer's EDI requirement immediately, without delay

A Cost Effective Solution

Looking to avoid costly upfront software fees


Needing Support

Not interested in supporting the communications, software or personnel required to run in-house EDI

Have Integration Struggles

Able to integrate some business transactions but not others


Benefits of EDI Outsourcing

By outsourcing your EDI to Commport, you set yourself free to focus on your business and what you do best. EDI outsourcing means that you will not need to make any investment in EDI software, nor will you have to directly manage the EDI aspect of your relationship with your customer, including large retail clients.

Fax-to-EDI/EDI-to-Fax solutions

Fax-to-EDI/EDI-to-Fax solutions for everyday business transactions such as Purchase Orders (850), PO Changes (865), Invoices (810), Advanced Ship Notices (856), and Remittance Advice (820)

Fax-to-EDI/EDI-to-Fax for specialty partners, industries and transactions for example: the JC Penney Routing Instructions (753/754), Planning Schedule (830), and the ability to create an ASN based on the planning schedule for Just-In-Time logistics partners (Automotive)

Blended Solutions

Blended options enabling you to send/receive some documents electronically while faxing others

Visibility and Tracking

EDI provides real-time visibility into the status and progress of business transactions. With access to the Commport Network’s online real-time visibility tool, RouterLiNK. Trading partners can easily track the movement of documents, such as purchase orders and shipment notifications, enabling proactive decision-making and timely responses.

Packing and Shipping Made Easy

Easy to read reports for all transactions processed by the Service Bureau. Packing instructions to accurately convey how your shipment has been prepared and UCC-128 labels for all shipping documents (can be made available for print at your location or can be couriered to you as a part of the service)

Easy Integration With Any Trading Partner!


Looking fot More? Find Your EDI Solution

Commport offers a number of EDI solutions to help you increase your business efficiencies

Commport Cloud EDI Icon
Cloud EDI

Empowers you to begin exchanging EDI with your trading partners today… all you need is an internet connection!

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Commport Value Added Network (VAN) Icon
Commport VAN

Acts as a single communications link to multiple trading partners, enabling the exchange of business documents

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Commport-Internet EDI
Integrated EDI

Let Commport manage ALL aspects of your EDI relationships for you (trading partners/retail partners, etc.)

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List of EDI X12 Transaction Codes


EDI X12 is a data format based on ASC X12 standards. It is used to exchange specific data between two or more trading partners.

Established more than 40 years ago, X12 is a non-profit, ANSI-accredited, cross-industry standards development organization whose work is used by an overwhelming percentage of business-to-business transactions upholding America’s electronic information exchange.

X12 defines and maintains transaction sets that establish the data content exchanged for specific business purposes. Transaction sets are identified by a numeric identifier and a name. Each transaction set is maintained by a subcommittee operating within X12’s Accredited Standards Committee.

Each EDI X12 transaction type is differentiated by a unique 3-digit number and there are more than 300 different types of X12 EDI standards for various industries from finance, government, healthcare, insurance, banking, transportation, and many more. ASC also contributes to UN/EDIFACT messages that are used widely outside of the United States and develop standards for CICA (Context Inspired Component Architecture) and XML schemas.


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Frequently Asked Questions

EDI Outsourcing involves delegating your Electronic Data Interchange processes to a specialized service provider. This streamlines data exchange, reduces operational burdens, and allows businesses to focus on core competencies while enjoying the expertise of EDI professionals.

EDI Outsourcing offers cost-effective solutions by eliminating the need for in-house EDI infrastructure and dedicated staff. This results in reduced operational costs and increased efficiency, as businesses can leverage the expertise of outsourcing partners for seamless electronic data interchange.

EDI Outsourcing is adaptable and suits businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, outsourcing EDI functions ensures access to advanced technology and expertise without the need for significant upfront investments. It’s a scalable solution that grows with your business needs.

Reputable EDI Outsourcing providers prioritize data security. They implement encryption, access controls, and regular security audits to safeguard sensitive information. Compliance with industry standards ensures that your data remains secure, meeting regulatory requirements and instilling confidence in the outsourcing arrangement.

“EDI Outsourcing enhances business agility by allowing for quick adjustments to changing market demands. Service providers offer scalable solutions, ensuring that your EDI capabilities can easily adapt to fluctuations in transaction volumes and business growth. This flexibility is a key advantage for staying competitive in dynamic markets.



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