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Product Syndication allows you share product information with multiple retailers, marketplaces, and online platforms. It involves distributing data, descriptions, images, and other details to increase product visibility and reach a larger audience. Our data aggregators standardize the data and distribute it across various channels, ensuring consistency and accuracy.



What is CPS (Commport Product Syndication)?

Product syndication is the process of distributing and sharing product information, such as descriptions, images, and pricing, across multiple online platforms and channels to reach a wider audience and increase visibility and sales.

Commport CPS (Commport Product Syndication) is a Data Syndication Solution that combines GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) and PIM (Product Information Management) technology to enable businesses to efficiently manage and distribute product data across multiple channels. PIM solutions concentrate on centralized product information management, enrichment, and channel distribution within an organization. Whereas GDSN emphasizes the synchronization and exchange of standardized product information between trading partners, promoting consistency and accuracy across the supply chain. Depending on the specific needs and requirements of a business, they may choose to implement either PIM, GDSN, or both to effectively manage and exchange product information.

By leveraging Commport CPS businesses can effectively manage, enrich, and synchronize their product data across multiple channels. The integration of GDSN ensures compliance with industry standards, improves collaboration with trading partners, and enables efficient data exchange. Centralized PIM systems, channel-specific data mapping, real-time synchronization, compliance adherence, and analytical features that contribute to enhanced data quality, streamlined operations, and improved customer experience.

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Benefits of Commport Product Syndication

Just some of the many benefits to implementing CPS within your business operations

GDSN Integration

Commport Communications integrates GDSN capabilities into CPS. GDSN provides a standardized network for exchanging accurate and up-to-date product data with trading partners. By leveraging GDSN, businesses can ensure data consistency, improve collaboration with trading partners, and comply with industry standards.

Product Information Managment

EDI automates the exchange of business documents, eliminating manual processes. It enables real-time, machine-to-machine communication between systems, streamlining supply chain operations and improving overall efficiency. By automating data exchange, businesses can significantly reduce processing time, enhance accuracy, and improve productivity.

Data Enrichment and Quality Control

Commport CPS enables businesses to enrich their product data with additional attributes, images, and marketing content. It provides features for data validation, cleansing, and quality control, ensuring that the information meets industry standards and is accurate and complete.

Improved Accuracy and Data Integrity

Commport CPS allows businesses to map and tailor product data to different sales channels, such as e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and retail catalogs. This ensures that the information is optimized for each channel, improving the customer experience, and maximizing sales potential.

Real Time Data Synchronization

Commport CPS enables real-time data synchronization with trading partners and various sales channels. Any updates or changes made to product information in the centralized PIM system are automatically propagated to connected channels, ensuring consistent and up-to-date data across the entire ecosystem.

Compliance and Standards Adherence

Commport CPS supports compliance with industry standards and regulations, including GDSN requirements. It helps businesses adhere to data quality guidelines, validation rules, and specific formatting requirements, ensuring data accuracy and consistency for seamless synchronization with trading partners.

Analytics and Reporting

Commport CPS provides analytics and reporting capabilities. Businesses can gain insights into product performance, channel effectiveness, and data quality. These insights help organizations make informed decisions, optimize their data syndication strategies, and drive business growth.

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Commport CPS

Harness the Power of CPS, the Ultimate Data Synchronization Solution Uniting PIM and GDSN. Experience Seamless Data Harmonization, Streamlined Collaboration, and Unparalleled Efficiency in Managing and Distributing Product Information. Elevate Your Business to New Heights with CPS Commport: The Future of Data Synchronization!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Syndication is the process of distributing product information across various online channels. This enhances a product’s visibility, boosts brand presence, and increases the likelihood of reaching a wider audience in the digital marketplace.

Product Syndication optimizes product listings with consistent and accurate information across multiple platforms. This not only builds customer trust but also improves search visibility, driving higher traffic and increasing the chances of conversions in the competitive e-commerce space.

Product Syndication is beneficial for businesses of all sizes. It provides a level playing field in the digital realm, allowing even small businesses to showcase their products across diverse channels, expanding their reach and competing effectively in the online marketplace.

Product Syndication utilizes centralized data management to ensure consistency in product information. By synchronizing details like descriptions, images, and specifications, businesses can present a unified and reliable image of their products across various online channels.


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