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Since 1985 Commport Communications’ focus has been to enable business to business communications.  Commport provides a wide range of innovative and comprehensive supply chain management solutions for Electronic Commerce (EC). This includes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Value Added Networks (VAN), and Global Data Synchronization Networks (GDSN).


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Comprehensive Electronic Data Interchange Services for B2B

When you need to electronically exchange business documents with your trading partner communities you can rest assured that Commport’s EDI services will reliably and securely transmit your data anywhere in the world. 

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Our Mission

At Commport Communications International, inc. we see every product, every client and every activity as an opportunity for each of us to add value to our clients’ business solutions. 

It is our mission to solve integration challenges in business to business relationships for the benefit of the communities in which we are all members. Our goal is to deliver solutions with excellence in reliability and service by creating tools that exceed expectations. Commport is committed to providing world-class service, technical support and training to our customers. 

Innovation & Direct Service

Our products and services are created and serviced by our knowledgeable team. We are not a reseller of other products, but an innovative pioneer that will always ensure we offer the best and latest technology to give you a competitive edge.

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We will drive conversations about supply chain integration so that all North American companies know the value of integration. We will provide the best service and put customers’ and communities’ needs first, in order to find and build true efficiency for their business. We will create solutions where no others exist. 

Comprehensive & Adaptable Service

Commport’s extensive services encompass all your needs by providing the right components for your business. Whether it includes EDI, VAN, and/or GDSN, you can find everything you need in one place at a reasonable cost. Our services can expand or contract with your business to keep your costs down and your business efficiencies high.

Commport Office - About Us

The Commport Advantage

Client Satisfaction

Building relationships with our clients is at the foundation of our strategy for creating client satisfaction. Strong relationships allow us to provide you with the best service to meet your business needs, resulting in long-term partnerships. Read our customer testimonials.

Stability of Ownership

Our ownership has remained stable for over 35 years. We are a strong independent service provider who will be here to serve your business today and in the years to come.

AODA Accessibility

Commport is committed to improving accessibility. We have put all policies into practice as required by the Employment Standard of the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation. Click to view our plans below as outlined in the AODA. 

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