COVID-19 Statement

COVID-19 Update  March 23, 2020 Commport has been advised that due to the current unprecedented pandemic event and subsequent reliance on telecommunications, there are widespread and intermittent issues with voice calls being processed by Rogers, Commport’s voice telephone service provider. Rogers is working very hard to expand, optimize and improve its network infrastructure as quickly as possible and is responding to service inc... Read More

Top 15 Supply Chain Terminologies

Top 15 Supply Chain Terminologies First lets start off with What does Supply Chain Mean? To put it simply, a supply chain is a system that allows a manufactured product to reach a consumer in one or many steps. The 5 components of a supply chain: Planning  Manufacturing  Assembling  Packaging  Transporting  Delivery & Return  ... Read More

60 Benefits of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

60 Benefits of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Electronic Data Interchange has changed the way businesses manage and process their information on a grand scale. EDI solutions save immeasurable amounts of time and lost revenue from clerical errors. Simply put, EDI provides a techn... Read More

What is an EDI Value Added Network?

What is an EDI VAN (Value Added Network)? An EDI VAN (Value Added Network) offers a business to business (B2B) network of electronic communications, a network which includes an array of 'value added' services, as well as facilitated communication protocols that otherwise would not be available when going through the Internet or regular phone ... Read More

How Does EDI Work?

How Does EDI Work? There are three main components to sending EDI documents:   Step 1: Prepare the documents to be sen... Read More

Types of EDI

Types of EDI There are many methods organizations will use in order to enable EDI across their trading community. Electronic data interchange (EDI) is one of the most common forms of structured electronic exchange of business documents between organizations.  More than 85% of all electronic business transactions take place using EDI... Read More

What Does EDI Stand for?

What does EDI Stand For? (Electronic Data Interchange) EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange which is the exchange of large amounts of information computer-to-computer in a specified format between business partners.  EDI has been in use since the 1960s, however in more recent years EDI came to play a key role in enabling... Read More

New Year, New ERP?

Migrating to a New ERP This New Year?  Start involving EDI experts earlier in the process and save 1000's of Dollars! Many companies realize the importance of streamlining their supply chain processes - the myriad of benefits reaped from automating manual processes in order to better manage large volumes of paperwork, reduce hours of administrative duties, and reduce the potential for errors that could be encountered at any step of the supp... Read More