What is UN/EDIFACT Standard and Messages

What is UN/EDIFACT Standard and Messages? UN/EDIFACT (United Nations/Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce, and Transport is the international standard that was developed by the United Nations). Comprise a set of internationally agreed standards, directo­ries, and guidelines for the electronic interchange of structured data, ... Read More

What is EDI Translation?

What is EDI Translation? Define EDI Translation EDI translation means converting data from enterprise-specific and irregular formats into standardized and orga... Read More

Evolution of EDI Technology

Evolution of EDI Technology One of the first use of EDI technology was in 1948. A standard manifest system was designed to transmit data by telex, radio-teletype, or telephone by the US army to track cargo during the German war. Since then, EDI technology continued to evolve and became a standardized communication channel for businesses across the world to exchange data electronically. ... Read More

EDI for Small Business

EDI for Small Business Commport's Small Business EDI Solutions Will Help You Succeed The acronym EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange, which refers to the way that businesses exchange information electronically. These days, most companies use EDI to send inv... Read More