EDI Software

EDI Software What is EDI Software? EDI software is a tool that converts business data and information to trading partners in a standardized, structured, and paperless format that is compliant with EDI standards. Data such as, EDI 850 purchase order and EDI 810 invoice are in document format. Each document type has a standardize... Read More

What is a GLN?

What is a GLN? A GLN is a Global Location Number and is part of the GS1 systems of standards which is used to identify locations and legal entities. This unique identifier is 13 digits, comprised of a GS1 Company Prefix, Location Reference, and Check Digit. ... Read More

Top 18 Benefits of Internet EDI

Top 18 Benefits of Internet EDI There are many benefits of internet EDI from automation to cost reduction and many more. Because of these benefits, businesses of all sizes are today planning to invest in an EDI solution to digitalize and improve their B2B communications with tradi... Read More

Top EDI Documents to Integrate and Automate

Top EDI Document Types to Integrate and Automate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an efficient and effective supply chain management tool, EDI can help reduce lead time, save documentation processing cost, eliminate procurement errors, clarify inventory status information, and enhance strategic alliances throughout the supply chain. In this blog, we will be f... Read More

Top 15 Supply Chain Terminologies

Top 15 Supply Chain Terminologies First lets start off with What does Supply Chain Mean? To put it simply, a supply chain is a system that allows a manufactured product to reach a consumer in one or many steps. The 5 components of a supply chain: Planning  Manufacturing  Assembling  Packaging  Transporting  Delivery & Return  ... Read More

60 Benefits of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

60 Benefits of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Electronic Data Interchange has changed the way businesses manage and process their information on a grand scale. EDI solutions save immeasurable amounts of time and lost revenue from clerical errors. Simply put, EDI provides a technic... Read More

What is an EDI Value Added Network?

What is an EDI VAN (Value Added Network)? An EDI VAN (Value Added Network) offers a business to business (B2B) network of electronic communications, a network which includes an array of 'value added' services, as well as facilitated communication protocols that otherwise would not be available when going through the Internet or regular phone ... Read More

How Does EDI Work?

How Does EDI Work? How Does EDI Work? There are three main components to sending EDI documents:   Step 1: Prepare the do... Read More

Types of EDI

Types of EDI There are many types of EDI methods organizations will use in order to enable EDI across their trading community. Electronic data interchange (EDI) is one of the most common forms of structured electronic exchange of business documents between organizations.  More than 85% of all electronic business transactions take ... Read More