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What is an EDI File?

An EDI file is a data file structured using one of the several EDI standards. EDI standards are specific guidelines that govern the content and format of EDI files. EDI file contains structured data stored in a plain text format and is used for transferring business data between multiple organizations. The primary reason for having […]

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In-house EDI Vs EDI Outsourcing

In-house EDI vs EDI outsourcing – This is the question every company must answer at one or the other time regardless of business size or operations What is In-House EDI? In-house EDI solutions require companies to allocate space to build the EDI infrastructure this includes the installation of servers, mapping, and translation tools, specific data […]

BLOG -What is EDI in Healthcare?

What is EDI in Healthcare?

Introduction to EDI in Healthcare Healthcare EDI provides the system to securely exchange EDI documents between healthcare institutions, care providers, and patients. The healthcare industry deals with enormous amounts of healthcare data every day. Which includes patient medical records, medication data, emergency services records, and insurance claims. Interoperability is the key to success for the […]

EDI Outsourcing Service Provider

12 Factors to Consider While Evaluating an Managed EDI Outsourcing Service Provider

Who is an EDI Outsourcing Service Provider? An EDI outsourcing service provider is a company or organization that offers services related to electronic data interchange to other businesses. These service providers specialize in facilitating the exchange of electronic business documents between trading partners, helping their clients streamline their supply chain and business processes 1. Pricing […]

What is EDI ANSI ASC X12 Standard?


Introduction TRADACOMS stands for Trading Data Communications Standard is an early EDI standard that was originally introduced in 1982 and was primarily used in the UK retail sector. It was maintained and extended by the UK Article Numbering Association, now called GS1 UK. Slowly this standard became less obsolescent as its development effectively ceased in […]