Considering Moving to a New ERP System - Commport Communications

Considering Moving to a New ERP System?

Consulting your EDI provider early in the migration process can help you save thousands of dollars and avoid costly charge backs. Many companies realize the importance of streamlining their supply chain processes – the myriad of benefits reaped from automating manual processes in order to better manage large volumes of paperwork, reduce hours of administrative […]

The Security of EDI Data

The Security of EDI Data

Since 1975, corporations of all sizes have put their trust in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to exchange commercial transactions with their trading partner community, and since 1984, they have relied and put their trust in Value Added Networks (VANs) to move these transactions in a Store & Forward model for data handling. Commport entered the […]

How Do I Start Doing EDI - Commport Communications

How Do I Start Doing EDI?

Intoduction Electronic Data Interchange is a method of exchanging business transactions between parties, electronically. Based on internationally recognized standards, EDI is used to support a diverse range of important business processes such as supply chain management (purchase orders, shipment notifications, invoicing), business reporting (sales volume, payment status), and healthcare management (insurance claims). Every time your […]

EDI Costs - Commport Communications

How Much Does EDI Costs?

Introduction The cost of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system can vary depending on various factors such as the size of your business, the complexity of your EDI requirements, the number of trading partners you need to connect with, and the specific EDI software or EDI service provider you choose. Hard EDI Costs Hard EDI […]

10 signs your edi system sucks

10 Signs your EDI System Sucks

1. EDI as a Full Time Job Someone in your office is keying invoices or other documents into a web portal – or ‘doing EDI’ is their full-time job. 2. Fear of the EDI Setup You would rather rely on faxes and phone calls to take orders than go through the hassle of setting up […]