Small and Medium Medical Device Suppliers Benefiting From Using GDSN

How GDSN Helps Medical Device Suppliers to Manage Their Product Data?

Medical Device Suppliers Challenges Today, medical device suppliers are faced with numerous challenges such as: lack of usage of a consistent master data exchange format (sometimes usage of word documents, excel, papers, …) suboptimal efficiencies, as customers don’t currently synchronize master data with their suppliers, across borders or within their regions high level of resources […]

BLOG -How EDI is Used in Medical Billing

How EDI is Used in Medical Billing?

Introduction Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) plays a significant role in medical billing and healthcare administration. EDI is a standardized method of exchanging electronic information between different healthcare entities, such as healthcare providers, insurance companies, and government agencies. In the context of medical billing, EDI is used to streamline the process of submitting claims, receiving payments, […]

BLOG -What is EDI in Healthcare?

What is EDI in Healthcare?

Introduction to EDI in Healthcare Healthcare EDI provides the system to securely exchange EDI documents between healthcare institutions, care providers, and patients. The healthcare industry deals with enormous amounts of healthcare data every day. Which includes patient medical records, medication data, emergency services records, and insurance claims. Interoperability is the key to success for the […]