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EDI Myths Vs Facts

Introduction to Electronic Data Interchange Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has been in use since the 1960s, however in more recent years EDI came to play a key role in enabling supply chain automation, digital transformation, and B2B business process automation. More than 85% of all electronic business transactions take place using EDI. This method of […]

What is EDI ANSI ASC X12 Standard?

What is EDI ANSI ASC X12 Standard?

Introduction ANSI stands for American National Standard Institute founded by the Accredited Standards Committee (ANSI) in 1979 to develop uniform standards for the inter-industry electronic exchange of business transactions, namely electronic data interchange (EDI). ANSI ASC X12 standards are a set of standards and rules that determine a specific syntax for structuring and transferring business […]

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10 Common EDI Communication Standards

Define EDI Standards EDI communication standards are the requirements for the format and composition of EDI documents. EDI standards delineate the correct order and location of units of data in each EDI document.  Because EDI documents must be processed by computers rather than humans, a standard format must be used so that the computer will be […]

What is EDI Compliance?

What is EDI Compliance? 

Define EDI Compliance EDI compliance refers to a business’s capacity to accurately send and receive EDI transactions according to the requirements of its EDI trading partners. Each document must adhere to a specific EDI format to ensure the successful exchange of EDI documents. Why Do I Need to be EDI Compliant?  Today you would be […]

22 Benefits of Integrated EDI - Commport Communications

22 Benefits of Integrated EDI

Integrated EDI enables businesses to transmit documents such as purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices, and other transactions electronically, in a standardized format. This includes document mapping, translation, validation, and communication protocols. It integrates with all ERP systems. Here is the list of 22 benefits of integrated EDI 1. Enhanced Efficiency Integrated EDI eliminates manual data […]