What is EDI Mapping?

Define EDI Mapping

EDI mapping is a conversion process in which translation of data structures from a proprietary file (in csv format, txt, SAP IDoc, ERP-specific etc.) to an EDI mapping standard format (EDIFACT, ANSI X12 etc.) and vice versa. 

Effective EDI mapping ensures that data can flow seamlessly between trading partners, streamlining business operations, reducing manual data entry, and minimizing errors. Many organizations use specialized software and tools to facilitate the EDI mapping process, making it more efficient and reliable.


How EDI Mapping Works

Mapping EDI to ERP data structures are translated from an EDI standard format (EDIFACT, ANSI X12, etc.) to a proprietary file that can be easily ingested into a back end system (CSV format, txt, SAP IDoc, Flat File, or any ERP specific format).

  • As shown in the diagram, trading partner 1 uses Oracle ERP which uses a JSON internal format and trading partner 2 uses the SAP ERP system with IDoc internal format. To communicate a message to a trading partner 2, that JSON file needs to be converted into an EDI transaction and sent to a trading partner 2 using a standardized EDI Format like ANSI X12 or EDIFACT.
  • Now since trading partner 2 ERP uses iDoc for its internal format, the EDI file is converted into a iDoc file before being ingested into SAP ERP.
  • Mapping for EDI systems is bilateral so EDI providers like Commport, map the dataflow in both directions. 
EDI-Mapping-Example - Commport Communications
Benefits-of-EDI-Mapping-Pieces - Commport Communications

Benefits of EDI Mapping

EDI mapping is a crucial component to meeting trading partner demands, eliminating manual entry, while streamlining the movement of data from front-end to back-end systems.

Automation –Automatically send external data to critical internal systems which creates a repeatable process not touched by human input.

Accuracy – Eliminate the manual processing which eliminates the risk for user error, and in turn ensures EDI data is accurately imported into back-end systems.

Connection – Allows for the creation of formats like XML or flat file which can easily be used to communicate EDI data to business trading partners.

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