BLOG -How Can EDI Help Automate Order Processing for Your Business?

How Can EDI Help Automate Order Processing for Your Business?

Introduction Before getting started with EDI order processing, First, let’s define, What is EDI? – EDI stands for electronic data interchange which is a standardized way that businesses exchange information. EDI automates orders flowing in and out of the supply chain with ease without manual intervention. It helps connect all involved parties i.e., suppliers, logistics […]

EDI in Shipping / Logistics Industry

EDI in the Shipping/Logistics Industry?

Introduction EDI has often been referred to as the lifeblood of the logistics industry. Implementing a proper EDI solution can do all kinds of incredible things for the shipping/logistics industry. It can improve operational efficiency, increase visibility into their supply chain, and most of all, strengthen customer relationships throughout their ecosystem. The EDI in the shipping […]

BLOG - EDI for Small Business

EDI for Small Business

Introduction EDI for small businesses offers a range of services that help them manage their EDI requirements. These services include mapping and translation of data between different EDI formats, connectivity and communication services, as well as data transformation and integration with existing systems. These days, most companies use EDI to send invoices, purchase orders, and […]

BLOG -How to Implement, Measure and Improve Efficiency of Your Business Supply Chain?

How to Implement, Measure and Improve Efficiency of Your Business Supply Chain

Introduction To effectively measure the efficiency of a supply chain businesses must invest in supply chain analytics solutions. It helps companies understand where their products come from, how much inventory they have on hand, and how quickly they’re selling out. It also helps businesses identify potential problems in the supply chain before they become major […]

BLOG - What does it mean to be EDI Capable

What Does it Mean to be EDI Capable?

What Does EDI Capable Mean? EDI capability refers to the ability of a business to use EDI to send and receive EDI documents electronically with partners, vendors, suppliers, and other customers. This includes things like whether the company has the software needed to send and receive EDI messages. To become EDI capable there are two […]