How Much Does Bad Product Data Cost You Today

If you still receive incorrect, incomplete, inadequate product data from your supply chain partners, this "bad" data is costing you and your suppliers' money every day…. ….imagine that you could continuously alig... Read More

What The Heck Is Supply Chain Transformation

Supply chain transformation has been the buzz phrase in the Healthcare world for some time now, but what the heck is it?  The answer to this depends on who you are talking to. The traditional supply chain involved the movemen... Read More

A Commentary on the World Health Innovation Network’s paper:

Visibility: The New Value Proposition for Health Systems. (Dr. Anne Snowdon, Odette School of Business, University of Windsor, October 2016) World Health Innovation Network’s Paper Commentary: It was with great anticipation that we read the above noted World Health Innovation Network’... Read More

Why Do You Need an EDI Solution?

Why Do You Need an EDI Solution? Consider the hundreds of pages you have to create and pile through every day in order to run your business. Consider all of the time it takes to interface all of these documents with other businesses and systems in order to keep moving forward. Are you as efficient as you need to be to succeed? Manage Data with EDI ... Read More

What do you need to get started with EDI?

What do you need to get started with EDI? EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. It can make life so much easier for large businesses that need to pile through hundreds of pages of reports, invoices and data. Sounds great-but what does your business need to get started with EDI? Getting Started With EDI ... Read More

Who Uses EDI?

Who Uses EDI? EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) refers to the process of exchanging information electronically. In many cases, it saves thousands of hours (and countless dollars) for businesses with scores of documents to complete and file. Who uses EDI: Here is the answer to the question who uses EDI? EDI has been used in the past primarily by ... Read More

Healthcare Supply Chain Network Conference 2016

HSCN 2016 HSCN 2016 National Supply Chain's Conference and Exhibition Linking the Supply Chain Together, promises more learning opportunities than ever before with 2016's all-new introduction of concurrent streams, designed to appeal to individual tastes within the supply chain. The conference runs from May 9-11 and offers excellent opportunities for healthcare supply chain professionals and caters specifically to the Canadian market. Comm... Read More

MEDEC 2016 MedTech Conference

The MEDEC 2016 Conference is the annual signature conference for the medtech industry. This year the event is held from Monday, Apr. 25 to Wednesday, Apr. 27 at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre. Commport is this years lanyard sponsor and exhibitor. See you there! MEDEC 2016 not-to-be-missed annual conference for the medical technology and healthcare industry. Attendees will hear... Read More

What We Do

What We Do? We provide EDI, VAN and GDSN Solutions Explaining what Commport does isn't the easiest or sexiest thing to try to express especially in an elevator pitch style conversation. ... Read More

What is Community Enablement?

What is Community Enablement? From an ecommerce perspective, Community Enablement is a recognition that in order for a supply chain to be improved through the use of technologies such as EDI and GDSN, there must be a defined program for participants to follo... Read More