What do you need to get started with EDI?

What do you need to get started with EDI? EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. It can make life so much easier for businesses that need to pile through hundreds of pages of reports, invoices and data. Sounds great-but what does your business need to get started with EDI? ... Read More

Who Uses EDI?

Who Uses EDI? EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) refers to the process of exchanging information electronically. In many cases, it saves thousands of hours (and countless dollars) for businesses with scores of documents to complete and file. Who uses EDI: Here is the answer ... Read More

Healthcare Supply Chain Network Conference 2016

HSCN 2016 HSCN 2016 National Supply Chain's Conference and Exhibition Linking the Supply Chain Together, promises more learning opportunities than ever before with 2016's all-new introduction of concurrent streams, designed to appeal to individual tastes within the supply chain. The conference runs from May 9-11 and offers excellent opportunities for healthcare supply chain professionals and caters specifically to the Canadian market. Comm... Read More

MEDEC 2016 MedTech Conference

The MEDEC 2016 Conference is the annual signature conference for the medtech industry. This year the event is held from Monday, Apr. 25 to Wednesday, Apr. 27 at the Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre. Commport is this years lanyard sponsor and exhibitor. See you there! MEDEC 2016 not-to-be-missed annual conference for the medical technology and healthcare industry. Attendees will hear... Read More

What We Do?

What We Do? Commport Communications provides a wide range of innovative and comprehensive supply chain management solutions for Electronic Commerce (EC). This includes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Value Added Network (VAN), and ... Read More

What is Community Enablement?

What is Community Enablement? From an ecommerce perspective, Community Enablement is a recognition that in order for a supply chain to be improved through the use of technologies such as EDI and GDSN, there must be a defined program for participants to follo... Read More

GDSN Implementations: What You Need to Know

GDSN Implementation: What You Need to Know? GDSN is a universally accepted set of data formatting standards that ensures senders and receivers of product data are operating within the same structure and maintaining the highest levels of data integrity. Over the next few years, retailers requiring their suppliers to provide GDSN-compliant data will be growing exponentially. The major players in U.S. retail are already mandating it, and it's j... Read More

Which EDI Solution is Best for You?

Which EDI Solution is Best for You? 10 Step by Step Guide To Find The Best EDI Solution Provider So, you're a manufacturer or supplier of goods. It could be tomatoes, it could be tires, it could be school textbooks...let's just lump it all together as 'widgets'. As you've probably already discovered, producing or sourcing those widgets is just the start. Now you've got to get them into an environment where they can be sold to an end... Read More

The Results Are In!

We Can’t Thank You Enough As a customer centric service organization, Commport is always looking for ways to better connect with our customers and to ensure that the services w... Read More