Maximize Your Business Efficiency

Maximize Your Business Efficiency

Commport’s exceptional value-added services are what make us stand out from the competition and help you maximize your business efficiency. Count on our proactive network monitoring experts, experienced in VAN migrations and comprehensive support solutions, to fulfill your connectivity needs. Benefit from our outstanding network uptime record, ensuring uninterrupted operations for your business

What is VAN (Value Added Network)

A Value Added Network (VAN) is a third-party service provider that facilitates the exchange of electronic data between businesses. A VAN acts as an intermediary between trading partners, enabling them to exchange electronic documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices in a secure and standardized manner.

What is Value Added Services

Value-Added Services (VAS) refer to non-core services that are offered by businesses to enhance their core product or service offering and provide additional value to their customers. These services may include anything from customer support and technical assistance to training, consulting, or other value-added offerings that improve the overall customer experience.

List of Value-Added Services

Here are some value-added services that are provided to Commport VAN customers this can vary from company to company, but these are some of the most common ones,

1. Data Mapping and Translation

Commport VAN provides data mapping and translation services to ensure that data is properly formatted and transmitted between trading partners, regardless of their different data formats.

2. Data Validation and Enrichment

Our VAN can offer data validation and enrichment services to ensure that data exchanged between trading partners is accurate and complete, by checking for errors or missing information.

3. EDI Integration

Provides EDI integration services to enable seamless communication between trading partners using standardized EDI formats.

4. Document Management and Archiving

Our VAN can provide document management and archiving services to help businesses manage and store their electronic documents, such as invoices, purchase orders, and shipping notices.

5. Security and Compliance

Our VAN offers high-level security and compliance services to ensure that data exchanged between trading partners is secure and compliant with regulatory requirements.

6. Trading Partner Onboarding

As your VAN provider, we offer new trading partner on boarding services to help new trading partners get set up quickly and efficiently, including assistance with EDI integration and other technical aspects.

7. Reporting and Analytics

We provide reporting and analytics services to help businesses gain insights into their data exchange activities, such as order volumes, delivery times, and other metrics.

How Commport VAN and Value Added Services (VAS) Can Help Your Business?

VANs and VAS can help businesses maximize efficiency by streamlining data exchange, improving communication and data quality, reducing costs, and enabling new revenue streams. By leveraging these technologies, businesses can gain a competitive advantage and achieve sustained growth.

1. Streamlining Data Exchange

A VAN can provide a secure and standardized platform for data exchange between trading partners, while VAS can help to automate and streamline data processing and analysis. This can reduce the time and resources required for manual data entry and processing and improve the accuracy and speed of business operations.

2. Enhancing Communication

VAN and VAS can help businesses improve communication with their trading partners and customers, by providing real-time access to information and streamlined communication channels. This can improve customer service, reduce errors, and increase efficiency.

3. Improving Data Quality

VAN can offer data validation and enrichment services to ensure that data exchanged between trading partners is accurate and complete. VAS can also help to analyze and improve data quality, by providing data cleansing, enrichment, and analytics capabilities.

4. Reducing Costs

VAN and VAS can help businesses reduce costs associated with data exchange, processing, and storage, by providing a more efficient and streamlined approach. This can include reducing manual labor, eliminating paper-based processes, and optimizing data storage and retrieval.


VANs and VAS can help businesses achieve sustained growth and a competitive edge by providing a more efficient and streamlined approach to data exchange, processing, and analysis. As businesses continue to evolve and adapt to changing market conditions, it is essential to leverage the latest technologies and tools to drive efficiency and growth. By embracing Commport VAN and VAS, businesses can unlock new opportunities and take their operations to the next level.

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