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Top 30 Supply-Chain-Metrics to Keep Track
10 Common EDI Standards

EDI communication standards are the requirements for the format and composition of EDI documents. EDI standards delineate the correct order and location of units of data in each EDI document.

Types of EDI

EDI is one of the most common forms of structured electronic exchange of business documents between organizations. More than 85% of all electronic business transactions take place using EDI.

Cloud EDI Solution

Offers functionality, automation and control to organizations looking to automate their fulfillment processes and become EDI compliant. No software to install, no limit to the trading partners or transaction types available.

EDI Myth VS Fact
EDI follows a certain set of standards that allow the senders documents to flow straight through to the intended application on the receiver’s end. This enables the processing and return documents to be accepted and processed immediately.

Cloud EDI Solutions

Cloud EDI Solutions are the future of B2B communication. They allow businesses to communicate and exchange EDI documents with each other in real time without having to worry about sending documents back and forth manually.

History of EDI
The use of EDI begin during world war 2. US Army Master Sargent named Edward Guilbert he is also called as “The father of EDI” designed a standard manifest system that could transmit data by telex, radio-teletype, or telephone.

How GDSN Works

The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) is the world’s largest product data network. GDSN makes it possible for any company, in any market, to share high-quality product information seamless.

Syncing Your Data

Syncing your data to Commport GDSN Data pool is easy. Follow this six step process. 1. Education, 2. Account Setup, 3. Training, 4. Data Loading Guidance, 5. Data Verification and the last step 6. Project Completion

syncing-your-product data to GDSN-in-6-steps
EDI Conformance Service

Commport’s EDI conformance checking service stops bad EDI in the tracks by checking mandatory fields and matching against the necessary EDI requirements.



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