Cloud Based EDI vs In-House EDI Solution


Before understanding the key differences between a cloud based EDI  vs In house EDI solution. First, let understand why cloud technology is gaining more popularity in recent times.

Cloud EDI Solutions are the future of B2B communication. They allow businesses to communicate and exchange EDI documents with each other in real time from anywhere in the world without having to worry about IT infrastructure, eliminating the need for extensive hardware investments and allowing organizations to focus on core business functions.

Three Reasons why Cloud EDI Solutions the Future of Business

Cloud-Based-EDI Solution - Commport Communications
1. They’re Easy to Implement

One of the Benefits of Cloud EDI is it makes it easier than ever before to implement EDI into your business. Because it is a SAAS-based platform you don’t need to install any software. You can start using cloud EDI solutions right away all you need is an internet connection and a computer and you can automate your EDI processes and save money by reducing the need for paper forms

2. They’re Cost Effective

Cloud EDI also helps businesses save money. Because they are hosted on a cloud, there is no need to purchase expensive hardware or software or invest in an IT infrastructure. Instead, you pay only for what you use. This means that you won’t have to worry about purchasing new equipment or hiring more recourses when your company grows.

3. They’re Scalable

Cloud EDI allows you to add new customers quickly. The solution grows easily with your business. 

The Difference - Cloud EDI vs In House EDI Solution

Cloud EDI

In-House EDI Solutions

No software needs to be installed

Need to install a software

Access from anywhere with just internet connection and computer

Cannot be accessed via the internet and the system is installed within the organization

Does not require prior EDI knowledge to use the system

Require full technical understanding on how to use in house EDI solution

Low startup costs

High setup and operational costs

Large IT resources not required

Require large IT resources to fully integrate the system

User-friendly and minimal training is required to use the system

Requires prior EDI knowledge, training, and experience to use the system

Suitable for all business sizes and types

Suitable for large multinational companies


Cloud EDI emerges as a dynamic and forward-thinking solution, revolutionizing the landscape of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). The integration of cloud technology into EDI processes brings unparalleled advantages, including enhanced flexibility, scalability, and accessibility. Businesses embracing Cloud EDI position themselves to adapt swiftly to industry changes, reduce operational complexities, and foster seamless collaboration with global trading partners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud EDI allows businesses to scale their operations easily. With cloud-based platforms, organizations can adapt to fluctuating transaction volumes, add new trading partners, and expand their EDI capabilities without significant infrastructure investments.

Yes, Cloud EDI is suitable for industries with strict compliance requirements. Reputable cloud service providers implement robust security measures, ensuring compliance with industry regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, or other relevant standards.

Yes, one of the key advantages of Cloud EDI is its accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection. This facilitates remote work, enables real-time collaboration, and ensures that stakeholders can access critical EDI data when needed.

Cloud EDI fosters collaboration by providing a centralized platform accessible to all authorized parties. It enables real-time data exchange, reduces communication barriers, and promotes a more connected and collaborative relationship with trading partners.

Yes, Cloud EDI reduces the reliance on on-premises infrastructure. Businesses leveraging Cloud EDI can benefit from the cloud provider’s infrastructure, eliminating the need for extensive hardware investments and allowing organizations to focus on core business functions.

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