Become GDSN Compliant

Sync Your Product Data to Commport GDSN Datapool in 6 Easy Steps

GDSN Implementation - Commport Communications

Step 1: Education

Commport Datapool will provide the information you need to make an informed decision in becoming GDSN compliant with your trading partner.

Step 2: Account Setup

Commport Datapool will register you, as our customer with GDSN inc. and the Global Registry. We will also create for you your own secure account hosted at our security-audited hosting facility.

Step 3: Training

Commport Datapool offers an online self-guided tutorial which will provide you, as a new Commport Datapool client, with the foundational knowledge you’ll need for the reminder of the project.

Step 4: Data Loading Guidance

As a part of our service, a dedicated customer support representative will take you through the data loading process on approximately twelve sample items.

Step 5: Data Verification

Once you have loaded the balance of the product information into the system, our Customer Support Representative will review your file for GDSN standards compliance and an automated verification occurs.

Step 6: Project Successfully Completed
Once your data has been registered with the Global Registry, and the data has been successfully synchronized with your trading partner, you and Commport Datapool agree on the project’s completion.

Now your business is 100% Compliant

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