22 Benefits of Integrated EDI

22 Benefits of Integrated EDI

Here is the list of 22 benefits of integrated EDI

An integrated EDI solution automates and streamlines data flow from one end to the other end of the supply chain process.

Integrated EDI has been used in the past primarily by automotive and retail businesses, however, in the past few years, the format has been more widely adopted. Manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, utility, and construction companies are good examples of EDI clients

Benefits of Integrated EDI:

  1. Integrate business documents with your internal operations using Commport’s extensive library of available plug-ins for mid-market and higher business systems.
  2. Achieve seamless translation, converting business system documents into documents that are global standards-compliant.
  3. Connect to the powerful Commport VAN, which supports all of today’s communications protocols and connectivity with other Value Added Networks globally
  4. Connect directly with your trading partners using protocols such as AS2 or sFTP.
  5. User visibility into activity on the Commport Network through Commport Monitor and Commport Portal.
  6. Mappings and translation are managed by Commport, so there is no software to install or maintain.
  7. Exceed your trading partner’s needs with documents that are formatted to meet their specific business requirements.
  8. Commport is a single-source solution with a commitment to end-to-end service: we own and operate 100% of the infrastructure and provide the service and support to back it up
  9. Non-integrated EDI solutions are more costly, especially when your retail partners require a complete purchase order, invoicing, and advanced shipping notice cycle
  10. Apart from reducing cost, integrated EDI can improve the speed of your transactions
  11. Bad data is usually seen at the order level. You might have noticed incorrect prices, out-of-stock items, or duplicate orders
  12. Replacing manual with automated processes can boost productivity in the long run. As integrated EDI reduces processing time and improves accuracy, businesses can use their resources efficiently to increase their overall productivity
  13. Streamlines Processes - EDI can streamline business processes and be initially used in the procurement process to eliminate paperwork. Here's how it simplifies the procurement process.
  14. Faster procure-to-pay cycles
  15. Accurate purchase order delivery
  16. Improvements in order fulfillment rates
  17. Accelerated payments
  18. Better inventory control
  19. Decreased cost of labor
  20. Enhanced shipment planning
  21. Reduced response time
  22. Informed decision-making

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