Consider Moving to a New ERP System?

Many companies realize the importance of streamlining their supply chain processes - the myriad of benefits reaped from automating manual processes in order to better manage large volumes of paperwork, reduce hours of administrative duties, and reduce the potential for errors that could be encountered at any step of the supply chain process.  Companies make it a priority to invest in a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, a large investment for any size company. A common mistak... Read More

RCC’s Leaders in Retail Breakfast Series – October 17

On October 17, 2018 Commport was excited to attend the Retail Council of Canada’s Leaders in Retail Breakfast Series* featuring Sarah Davis, CEO of Loblaws. RCC’s CEO, Diane Brisebois interviewed Sarah on stage in front of over 400 people and asked a number of pertinent questions related to Loblaw and Canadian retail industry.  Sarah is a gifted communicator and answered all the questions with a lot of clarity, depth and honesty in telling the Loblaw story and handling hot topics... Read More

The Security of EDI Data

The Security of EDI Data    Since 1975, corporations of all sizes have put their trust into Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to exchange commercial transactions with their trading partner community, and since 1984, they have relied and put their trust into Value Added Networks (VANs) to move these transactions in a Store & Forward model for data handling. Commport entered the EDI Services industry and became a VAN in 1985, and built a reputation for s... Read More

How Do I Start Doing EDI?

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is a method of exchanging business transactions between parties, electronically. Based on internationally recognized standards, EDI is used to support a diverse range of  important business processes such as supply chain management (purchase o... Read More

What are your EDI problems costing you?

  When problems arise with your EDI, it’s not only the compliance charges from your trading partner that ends up costing you money. EDI is supposed to streamline your business by enabling documents to flow from your trading partners across the internet or a p... Read More

Commport Customer BC Clinical and Support Services (BCCSS) wins Supply Chain Organization of the Year

Commport would like to extend its congratulations to the BC Clinical and Support Services (BCCSS) organization for winning the Supply Chain Organization of the Year from the Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN). HSCN is Canada’s leading industry association for the promotion of healthcare supply chain standards and leading practices. The annual Supply Chain Organization of the Year award is granted to healthcare organizations that demonstrate excellence in teamwork, innovation, cu... Read More

Come See Commport at HSCN 2018!

Each year the Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN) hosts the annual HSCN conference, the preeminent event for healthcare supply chain professionals and leaders with the goal of advancing healthcare supply chain excellence. This year’s conference is being held May 14-16 2018 at the Delta Hotels Toronto Airport & Conference Centre. In Canada, there remains a significant opportunity for improvement within healthcare supply chain management to deliver cost control, efficiency, aut... Read More

What is the GDSN?

What is the GDSN? GDSN stands for Global Data Synchronization Network.  It is a system of connected firms that share product information in a standardized format.  The GDSN enables manufacturers and sellers of goods to harmonize information about their products with their customers.  Retailers and other buyers of goods subscribe to vendor catalogues and receive updates on them.  These upda... Read More