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CommCARE suite of services are specially designed for the Healthcare supply chain. Commport aims help Healthcare Providers and their Vendors reduce manual efforts, and costs within their communities.

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CommCARE Community

The community referred to here is the collection of trading partners, Healthcare providers and their vendors, showing their EDI capabilities.

For the Providers, once logged in they will see those vendors that they currently trade with and what transactions they exchange with these vendors.  Should they find a vendor on the list that they do not currently do EDI with but wish to, they will be able to select the trade button and a message will go to Commport Support, who will set-up the necessary facilities to allow you to trade with the vendor.

For vendors, the system allows you to determine which provider you are not dealing with electronically and to ask Commport to reach out to the Provider and determine if there is a mutual desire and if so set it in place.

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CommCARE Procurement

Our procurement module is powered by the eMarketplace from Prodigo.  Those who have experienced the eMarketplace have likened it to any existing web-based shopping experience calling it the Amazon-for-Healthcare.

Designed by and for Healthcare users, CommCARE Procurement truly is intuitive and easy to use, requiring very little training.  But do not let its apparent simplicity fool you.  In the background it is a complex engine that helps manage total spend, making use of a set of customizable business rule created by the Healthcare Provider or Providers in the case of GPOs.

Adherence to contracts through its Contract Management module, which also monitors and reports on contracts volumes, expiration dates and so on, ensures that the buy is correct as determined by Management with exceptions being reported on in reals time.

With its direct interface with Commport’s GDSN certified data pool, CommCARE Procurement ensures that every order is a clean order and that the complete purchase-to-pay process is electronic, eliminating even more costs.

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CommCARE Intelligence

Today’s Healthcare supply chain is highly focused on ensuring value based procurement and the formulation of decisions based upon real time Business Intelligence (BI) using much higher business style metrics than in the past.

So just as CommCARE Procurement uses the Contract Manager module to create KPIs within the procurement process and reports upon these KPIs, the CommCARE Intelligence module uses the electronic exchange of transactional data, EDI, to monitor KPIs in the supply chain.  Vendor score-carding, delivery performance and inventory awareness are just a few examples of the intelligence that can be garnered and presented in real-time in highly graphical or Excel style reports.

The power of CommCARE Intelligence is that it looks inside the transactions examining their payloads to report on commodities, prices and other areas of concern, and report on these areas in minute detail.   Lower levels of intelligence at the transaction level are also available but they are developed from the intelligence section of the CommCARE Commport VAN services.

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CommCARE Compliance

Contract management is delivered through the CommCARE Compliance service. When used within CommCARE Procurement it can be used to (a) present only contracted items in the procurement process, (b) present contracted items first in the list, (c) report to management when a user selects a non-contract item, (d) any or all of the above.

The service can also flag contracts set to expire, advise when an item under contract changes (as it is delivered through the GDSN), manage volumes for contract rebates and provide complete rebate reconciliation in real time.