Come See Commport at HSCN 2018!

Each year the Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN) hosts the annual HSCN conference, the preeminent event for healthcare supply chain professionals and leaders with the goal of advancing healthcare supply chain excellence. This year’s conference is being held May 14-16 2018 at the Delta Hotels Toronto Airport & Conference Centre. In Canada, there remains a significant opportunity for improvement within healthcare supply chain management to deliver cost control, efficiency, aut... Read More

What is the GDSN?

What is the GDSN? GDSN stands for Global Data Synchronization Network.  It is a system of connected firms that share product information in a standardized format.  The GDSN enables manufacturers and sellers of goods to harmonize information about their products with their customers.  Retailers and other buyers of goods subscribe to vendor catalogues and receive updates on them.  These upda... Read More

GDSN Data Excellence Board of Directors Meeting – Brussels, Belgium

At the end of February, I had the opportunity to attend the GDSN Data Excellence Board of Directors meeting in Brussels, Belgium which was part of the GS1 2018 Global Forum.  The Board of Directors was expanded this year with the addition of 5 new data pools, 3 Commercial and 2 GS1 Member owned. Growth of the Network While at the Board of Directors meeting, we were advised that the GDSN had just surpassed 26 million GTINs registered. A sustained grow... Read More

Customer Satisfaction – 2017 Survey Results

We're Proud of the Results from our Customer Satisfaction Surveys! Commport takes customer satisfaction seriously.  We know that our clients expect our EDI, VAN, and GDSN services to work flawlessly.  A high degree of customer satisfaction indicates that we're doing our job.  Supporting our clients so that they can focus on their business and their customers.  That's why we ask our clie... Read More

Updates from the GS1 Global Healthcare Conference – Chicago #5

GS1 Global Healthcare Conference in Chicago, continued… There is a large and growing industry globally in the manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, countries and healthcare organizations need to be able to track and trace each drug and dose within their domains to ensure the patent receives the proper drug and dose and that the actual drug being administered is not past it’s expiry date AND was not subject to a drug recal... Read More

Updates from the GS1 Global Healthcare Conference – Chicago #4

GS1 Global Healthcare Conference in Chicago, continued… Tuesday afternoon the focus changed to Cost Savings through Standards with 3 separate healthcare groups showcasing what they have done to reduce costs within their systems and how their technology and savings initiatives have generated very acceptable ROI on the investments they made. The first presentation was from Dr. Justin Bitter, Business Manager, Bernhoven Hospital, the Netherlands, another European view ... Read More

Updates from the GS1 Global Healthcare Conference – Chicago #3

There were 2 very compelling presentations from Wilfried Winzer, Director, University Hospital, Dresden, Germany and Kevin Downs, Director Finance and Keith Jones, Clinical Director of Surgery, from Derby Teaching Hospital, NHS, UK, that showcased leading-edge applications of GS1 Global standards, the usage of the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) to obtain clean synchronized brand owner product data and the use of advanced supply chain practices wh... Read More

Total Cost of Ownership and Cloud EDI

Like many businesses you probably faced the requirement to do EDI with one of your customers at some point.  At the time you were probably looking for a “cheap and cheerful” solution with low-up front setup costs and minimal on-going rates to keep the total costs of doing business with that customer as low as possible.  Makes sense.  If this sounds familiar, you probably went with an on-line or ‘Cloud EDI’ solution.  Using a Cloud EDI system, you login to a web application to retr... Read More

Updates from the GS1 Global Healthcare Conference – Chicago #2

Why UK is Ranked #1 - Quality of Care for Cost of Service Canada is ranked #9 globally out of 11 in an overall ranking of health care systems in the Commonwealth Fund developed nations 2014 ranking. However, this ranking isn’t due to lack of spending, we are ranked #7 out of 11 on healthcare expenditures per capita – in the middle of the pack. Part of our lower overall rating relates to “Quality Care” as we scored low in the categor... Read More

Commport Upgrades to a New Network Switching Infrastructure

Commport is committed to supporting our clients and business partners with the latest technology to ensure that key mission critical business processes are able to achieve the maximum uptime possible. By using the latest technology focusing on efficient routing of network traffic, resiliency, redundancy and failover capabilities, we are able to deliver the responsiveness and reliability that our clients need and deserve and have come to expect from Commport. Commport recently achieved... Read More