Electronic Data Interchange 


Commport offers a number of EDI solutions to help you increase your business efficiencies. 
The following are a list of our EDI solutions/products:


Commport Service Bureau
Commport is qualified to manage all aspects of your EDI relationships for you (trading partners/retail partners, etc.).

Internet EDI
Empowers you to begin exchanging EDI with your trading partners today… all you need is an internet connection!

Integrated EDI
Tool that integrates your internal business systems such as accounting and ERP software.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is defined as the electronic communication process for exchanging data amongst trading partners without human intervention. Simply put, EDI provides a technical basis for commercial “conversations” between two entities, either internal or external.

EDI encompasses the entire electronic communication process including:

  • Transmission
  • Message Flow
  • Document Format
  • Software Used to Interpret Documents

To learn more about Electronic Data Interchange, 
Visit our EDI FAQ page.



Integrated EDI 


Commport’s Integrated EDI software as a service solution is a proven and cost-effective platform without the initial outlay associated with traditional EDI Software.

Manual processes in terms of rekeying information into your internal accounting/business systems can be costly, time consuming, and prone to errors. Why not automate this process with Commport’s Integrated EDI?

Integrate business documents with your internal operations using Commport’s extensive library of available plug-ins for mid-market and higher business systems.

User visibility into activity on the Commport Network through Commport Monitor and Commport Portal.

Achieve seamless translation, converting business system documents into documents that are global standards compliant.

Connect to the powerful Commport VAN, which supports all of today’s communications protocols and connectivity with other Value Added Networks globally

Mappings and translation are managed by Commport, so there is no software to install or maintain.

Exceed your trading partners needs with documents that are formatted to meet their specific business requirements.

Connect directly with your trading partners using protocols such as AS2 or sFTP.

Commport is a single-source solution with a commitment to end-to-end service: we own and operate 100% of the infrastructure and provide the service and support to back it up.

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Internet EDI 



Whether you are just getting started in the world of Electronic Data Interchange or you have low-volume data exchange needs, Commport’s Internet EDI is an economical solution, that is easy to use.

Even smaller or mid-sized vendors need to be compliant with their large retail customers. As a low cost option, our Internet EDI enables you to get up and running with very little investment required. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser and you can begin exchanging EDI with your trading partners today.

User-friendly Internet EDI

The straightforward Internet EDI document interface is user-friendly and doesn’t require a lot of experience with EDI systems. It tailors the screen to include only the information requested by your trading partners. All forms include business rule validations and controls, ensuring effortless compliance with your trading partner’s EDI programs.


Service Bureau



EDI outsourcing for a hassle-free solution

By outsourcing your EDI to Commport, you set yourself free to focus on your business and what you do best. EDI outsourcing means that you will not need to make any investment in EDI software, nor will you have to directly manage the EDI aspect of your relationship with your customer, including large retail clients.

Commport’s Service Bureau offers managed EDI services built on our strength and expertise. We will receive your purchase orders at our office and forward them on to you via fax or email. You simply fulfill the order and send the details of the shipment back to us. We’ll enter this information for you and send it on to your end customer.

EDI outsourcing is also suitable if you have implemented a fully integrated EDI compliant system but still have partners who want to send you faxes. Commport’s managed EDI Service Bureau can be your clearinghouse for fax automation. We can process all of your paper-based documents and generate their electronic equivalents in the format of your preference for electronic integration. What could be easier?

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