What is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)?


Electronic Data Interchange is the transfer of large amounts of information in a specified format between business partners.  Here are the following ways EDI benefits your business:

Bi- directional format, sending/receiving computer systems communicate, confirm receipts, and report errors.

EDI users conform to a higher security standard than normal internet data transfers.

Eliminates human intervention by reducing manual processes, human intervention needed only when errors arise.

Flexible enough to pertain to multiple to various business models.

Who uses Electronic Data Interchange?


The adoption of EDI has seen rapid growth in the last several years. Sectors such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Utility & Construction and Foodservice have fully embraced and encouraged the use of EDI within their own supplier networks.

Commport EDI Statistics


Commport resolves
of its service cases in less than 24 hrs.
The Commport network boasts
Documents are received by Commport and sent out in
Commport translates/transmits documents for more than
users annually.