Commport’s 8th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Support of the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre at Southlake Regional Hospital.

Join us for a fun day of golf at St. Andrews Valley Golf Club on Friday June 16, 2017. So far we have donated over $31,000.00 to support Southlake’s Cancer Centre!

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Technology in Healthcare Procurement

Free Professional Development Day

Commport is excited to host a free day which will feature speakers from both the Healthcare Industry and the Healthcare Providers Community, and will be an occasion for attendees from both sectors to discuss alternative solutions to improve business relationships in ways that current contracting efforts cannot.

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We take customer service seriously

Laura Says:

I wanted to send you an email to let you know how much I appreciate Rose’s assistance. She understands the urgency and is always sympathetic to my needs.  I really appreciate all of her help and wanted you to know what a great employee you have at Commport. 

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A Commentary on

World Health Innovation Network’s paper: Visibility: The New Value Proposition for Health Systems.

Working and interacting with over 1,000 healthcare industry entities, both domestic and international, on a daily basis Commport is uniquely situated to comment on the paper from the World Heath Innovation Network (WHIN).

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Providing clients with the best business interface solutions

Commitment to Your Satisfaction

As a customer-centric service organization, Commport is always striving to ensure that our customers are more than satisfied with the solutions and services we provide. 

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    Commport Communications | We enable you to do business with comprehensive solutions for GDSN, EDI, and VAN.

    Smooth data transactions in trading processes are key to running your successful business. With high-quality data management services from Commport Communications, you gain not only access to a tier 1 Value Added Network (VAN), but also the expertise and consultation you need to help you make the right decisions as your business changes.

    Value Added Network

    The Commport VAN facilitates the exchange of information electronically between you and your trading partners. Our VAN is a key component of EDI, acting as a single communications link to multiple trading partners. It is the medium that enables business documents to be transmitted electronically between a diverse group of organizations, nationally and internationally

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    Specialized Integration

    Commports Specialized integration services assists in the resolution of business to business integration challenges. Combining solid technical & business skills with agile delivery approach we deliver quick and efficient integration solutions.

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    Global Data Synchronization Network

    The Commport Datapool is GDSN certified to provide all components required to fully implement Global Data Synchronization within your business. We take pride in offering a comprehensive, all in one GDSN solution that is economical and easy to use. Become compliant today!

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    Electronic Data Interchange

    Commport offers a number of EDI solutions to help you embrace EDI within your organization. We are the process of exchanging your business documents electronically i.e invoices, purchase orders, reports and other documents. We enable you to your supply chain.

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    Because making your business more efficient is our business

    We specialize in helping small- and medium-sized businesses establish reliable data transfer processes. These, in turn, help our customers build strong relationships with their trading partners. From new, smaller, or seasonal businesses with lower transaction volume to larger, well-established businesses, we can help you find the right solution that adapts to meet your business needs. We’ll help you ensure you have a solution that is scalable so that your costs remain efficient.

    Let us help you find the right solution for your business today:

    • Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)
    • Electrionic Data Interchange(EDI)
      • Internet EDI
      • Integrated EDI
      • Service Bureau
    • Value Added Network(VAN)
    • Specialized Integration 

    The CommCARE Choice

    Commport is helping the healthcare community modernize its supply chain with CommCARE Health Solutions, cloud based enterprise eProcurement purchasing, contract compliance and spend management tools.


    CommCARE is built on Commport’s 25 years of experience helping organizations from all industries improve their business by adopting global supply chain standards and technologies. Investing in the supply chain benefits all users and patients by lowering costs, making jobs easier and improving the patient care experience.

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    Stay in the Know

    From the newest advancements in technologies and processes to the latest happenings with our clients and our community, subscribe to our latest updates on all that’s new and exciting in the world of EDI and GDSN. .

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    Technology in Healthcare Procurement - Professional Development Day - REGISTER NOW

    Free Professional Development DayThe Commport Team has been assisting the Healthcare and many other industries in automating their procurement processes since 198...

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    10th Annual Healthcare Supply Chain Conference 2017

    HSCN’s National Supply Chain’s Conference and Exhibition The Leading Edge of New Horizons, is designed for senior management, executives, decision makers and profession...

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    2017 MEDEC MedTech Conference - Unleashing Innovation

    The MedTech Conference is MEDEC’s annual signature conference for the medtech industry. This year the event is held from Wednesday, April 5 to Thursday April 6 at the Sheraton Toronto Airport H...

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    Don't take our word for it

    Laura | Customer Service Manager Image
    Laura | Customer Service Manager -
    I wanted to send you an email to let you know how much I appreciate Rose’s assistance.  We have had some issues over the last few weeks and she has consistently helped me and broken the issue down in a language that I understand (instead of EDI related terms which I have little experience with).  She understands the urgency and is always sympathetic to my needs.  I really appreciate al[...]
    Chris | Manager Image
    Chris | Manager -
    “I am writing to thank everyone at Commport Communications International Inc. for their outstanding service and support. We approached them when on the verge of losing an important customer because other Certified Data Pool companies could not meet our needs on time. They were sensitive to the urgency of our situation and our level of experience. They gave us the assistance required to ac[...]
    Jean-Pierre | President Image
    Jean-Pierre | President -
    “Our monthly costs with Commport are almost half and we expect further overall cost reductions when we begin to use the Commport translation software and migrate away from EDIsoft.” [...]
    Reggie | CFO Image
    Reggie | CFO -
    “Commport has proven to me to be one of the best partners I have had the pleasure of working with. From customer service to account management to education, Commport has excelled in every aspect. Without your partnership, we wouldn’t have achieved EDI progress our organization is at today. Thank you for your support!”  [...]
    Matthieu | Project Manager Image
    Matthieu | Project Manager -
    “Thanks for all the hard work made for this project, you made us feel quickly confident with our choice of a EDI provider. It was a pleasure dealing with you and we are confident that future projects with Commport will be as good of an experience as the start was.” [...]
    Harry | General Manager Image
    Harry | General Manager -
    “Since moving our business over to Commport from Sterling, we have cut our monthly spend by 55%. Their performance is reliable, and if we need information or hands-on assistance, we get it.” [...]
    Bernard | VP Information Systems Image
    Bernard | VP Information Systems -
    “The quality of the Commport service is excellent. The total EDI cost for us is about 25% of the amount it was with our previous supplier.”  [...]
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