Laura | Customer Service Manager -

I wanted to send you an email to let you know how much I appreciate Rose’s assistance.  We have had some issues over the last few weeks and she has consistently helped me and broken the issue down in a language that I understand (instead of EDI related terms which I have little experience with).  She understands the urgency and is always sympathetic to my needs.  I really appreciate all of her help and wanted you to know what a great employee you have at Commport. 

Chris | Manager -

“I am writing to thank everyone at Commport Communications International Inc. for their outstanding service and support. We approached them when on the verge of losing an important customer because other Certified Data Pool companies could not meet our needs on time. They were sensitive to the urgency of our situation and our level of experience. They gave us the assistance required to achieve our goal and handled the technical details. Thanks to their expertise everything we needed was taken care of within 24 hours (we had been told the job would take two weeks).”


Jean-Pierre | President -

“Our monthly costs with Commport are almost half and we expect further overall cost reductions when we begin to use the Commport translation software and migrate away from EDIsoft.”

Reggie | CFO -

“Commport has proven to me to be one of the best partners I have had the pleasure of working with. From customer service to account management to education, Commport has excelled in every aspect. Without your partnership, we wouldn’t have achieved EDI progress our organization is at today. Thank you for your support!” 

Matthieu | Project Manager -

“Thanks for all the hard work made for this project, you made us feel quickly confident with our choice of a EDI provider. It was a pleasure dealing with you and we are confident that future projects with Commport will be as good of an experience as the start was.”

Harry | General Manager -

“Since moving our business over to Commport from Sterling, we have cut our monthly spend by 55%. Their performance is reliable, and if we need information or hands-on assistance, we get it.”

Bernard | VP Information Systems -

“The quality of the Commport service is excellent. The total EDI cost for us is about 25% of the amount it was with our previous supplier.”