EDI 857 - Shipment and Billing Notice

The EDI 857 Shipment and Billing Notice is a type of electronic data interchange transaction set that is used primarily in the grocery industry to electronically exchange shipment details and invoice information. It is part of the shipping process and only supported by the UCS guidelines.


Grocery suppliers use this single transaction to replace the EDI 856 Ship Notice/Manifest and the EDI 880 Grocery Products Invoice. The EDI 857 Shipment and Billing Notice conveys all data related to the shipped order and invoice details needed for the receiving and accounting staff at the retailer to process the order.

EDI-x12 transaction codes

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What is EDI 857?

An EDI 857 Shipment and Billing Notice, is mainly used by grocery suppliers to communicate information about a shipment and provide an invoice for the purchase. Essentially the supplier indicates to the buyer the details of the purchase as in an 810 Invoice, as well as information about the shipment as in an 856 Shipping Notice/Manifest document. It acts as a combination of both, but only to replace both, together. For example, one would not use this transaction set in place of a Ship Notice/Manifest while continuing to send either paper or electronic invoices.

This electronic document complies with the ANSI X12 EDI specification.

Benefits of the EDI 857

All EDI documents are securely encrypted in transit, allowing trading partners to send sensitive data safely. Trading partners send the EDI 857 during the shipment stage of the order process as it conveys the information needed to receive the order and pay the seller.

Communicates shipment information to facilitate receiving at the retailer’s distribution center

Details the items, quantities and packs shipped

Provides delivery dates of the shipment

Conveys billing information needed for payment processing

How is an EDI 857 Used?

The EDI 857 Shipment and Billing Notice is a combination of the 810 Invoice and 856 Shipping Notice/Manifest. After the 857 Shipment and Billing Notice is received by the buyer, a 997 Functional Acknowledgement is sent back from the buyer indicating that the invoice was successfully received.

EDI 857 Shipment and Billing Notice Segments

    • Invoice number, terms and totals
    • Case or carton identification (e.g., GTIN)
    • Product identification, quantities, price and allowance/charge information
    • Transportation data such as carrier information, equipment and routing details, the bill of lading, weight, volume, and delivery dates, etc.
    • Pallet identification (e.g., SSCC)

EDI 857 Specifications

The EDI 850 X12 Transaction set is used to initiate an order in an industry-standard specified format.


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) chartered the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 to develop uniform standards for inter-industry electronic exchange of business transactions, namely electronic data interchange. ASC X12 also contributes to UN/EDIFACT messages that are used widely outside of the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

EDI 857 is an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) document used for providing shipment and billing details in one comprehensive transaction. It combines the functionalities of an advance ship notice (ASN) and an invoice, enabling suppliers to inform customers about the shipment details and the corresponding invoice in a single message.

An EDI 857 includes a variety of details such as the shipment information (like shipment date, carrier information, and tracking number), billing details (like invoice number, total amount, and payment terms), and product details (like item descriptions, quantities, and prices). This document streamlines the communication process between suppliers and customers by consolidating these critical data points.

EDI 857 benefits businesses by reducing paperwork, minimizing errors, and improving efficiency in the supply chain process. By integrating shipment and billing information into one document, it eliminates the need for separate communications, ensuring that both the shipping and financial departments receive the same accurate and timely information. This can lead to faster processing times, better inventory management, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

EDI 857 is transmitted between trading partners using standard EDI protocols such as AS2, FTP, or VAN (Value Added Network). These protocols ensure secure and reliable transfer of data, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the information exchanged.

EDI 857 is commonly used in industries where detailed shipment and billing information are crucial, such as retail, manufacturing, and wholesale distribution. These industries rely on accurate and timely data to manage their supply chains effectively, and EDI 857 helps facilitate that by combining shipping and billing information into a single, standardized document.

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