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What is the meaning of integration in business?

Commport's Specialized Business Integration aims to synchronize information technology (IT), business cultures, and business objectives to align technology with your business's strategy and goals. Commport’s team of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals deliver solid technical & business skills whilst using an agile delivery approach to deliver quick and efficient integration solutions.

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Specialized integration - Commport Communications

So you want to automate collection of information from various external organizations with disparate information systems but:

You don’t have the IT resources available to create, manage and maintain numerous custom integration points for each external organization.

You don’t have the clout to push this upstream and have external organizations meet your defined standard with any reliable level of consistency.

This information needs to be validated and standardized to feed into your organization’s Enterprise systems.

You want this automation in real-time

You want this automation to be secure

Commport Communications’ Integration (CCI) Services is the only Enterprise Application Integration system specifically designed to address cross-organization integration challenges.  Built on Commport’s 35 years of experience making business-to-business (b2b) connections, our CCI Service was specifically designed to address your b2b integration challenges.

What does Commport Communications Integration Services provide you?

  • Manages the communications with an unlimited number of external organizations in any methodology chosen by each individual organization (support AS2, SOAP/web service messages, VPN tunnels, sFTP….)
  • Validation and standardization of disparate message / document / transaction formats to fit your information systems requirements with customizable error handling enabling issues to be passed to your organization or back to each external organization – or have Commport handle initial investigation
  • Handles multiple types of messages meeting any use case to integrate to and from enterprise system
  • Fully encrypted with optional data scrubbing 
  • Monitoring tools provide a view into the system to ensure everything is flowing as expected and enable self-help to investigate issues
  • Utilizes leading edge service oriented architecture to process messages in real-time resulting in end-to-end validation, standardization and transmission in a matter of minutes

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