Integrated EDI 


Integrate your EDI information with your specific business systems, including Sage and Microsoft software options. Commport’s Integrated EDI software as a service (SaaS) solution is a proven and cost effective platform without the initial outlay associated with traditional EDI software.


If you manage a high volume of EDI documents, Commport's Integrated EDI solution can help you to reduce the hours of manpower required to re-key information into your internal accounting and business systems. 

At best, a manual process of re-keying data is time consuming, costly, and can be a drain on your resources. At worst, a manual process is at risk for re-keying errors that can occur when data is manually entered into multiple systems. 


Users of Commport's Integrated software enjoy the benefits of streamlined EDI processes that are electronically, verses manually driven. This results in reduced error rates and confidence in reliable data maintenance that is integrated throughout the EDI document sharing process.

Integrate business documents with your internal operations using Commport’s extensive library of available plug-ins for mid-market and higher business systems.

Achieve seamless translation, converting business system documents into documents that are global standards compliant.

Connect to the powerful Commport VAN, which supports all of today’s communications protocols and connectivity with other Value Added Networks globally

Connect directly with your trading partners using protocols such as AS2 or sFTP.

User visibility into activity on the Commport Network through Commport Monitor and Commport Portal.

Mappings and translation are managed by Commport, so there is no software to install or maintain.

Exceed your trading partners needs with documents that are formatted to meet their specific business requirements.

Commport is a single-source solution with a commitment to end-to-end service: we own and operate 100% of the infrastructure and provide the service and support to back it up.