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Retail EDI Integration

How EDI is Used in the Retail Industry

For over 30+ years the retail industry has been using Commport EDI solutions to automate the exchange of documents like purchase orders, invoices, and ship notices with their suppliers/business partners and Commport has helped many small, medium, and large retailers and suppliers to connect with each other using our electronic commerce solutions like EDI, GDSN, VAN, and Specialized integrations.

Our supply chain solutions helped exchange this large volume of data in a standardized format to improve operational efficiency and reduce the turnaround time to process orders. It also helps them keep track of inventory management, provides more visibility into the supply chain, and helps them provide better customer support.

Need help with EDI or any other supply chain solutions? Relay on Commport experts to help you and your suppliers become EDI-capable fast. Our hands-on, one-to-one personalized approach takes the burden off your shoulders.

Experiencing delays with your orders? Commport's Retail supply chain solutions can help.

Collaborating with your suppliers/vendors using EDI can help your retail business reduce delays, such as:

Improved Communications

Using EDI you can automate and improve your overall communications with your suppliers/vendors

Reduce Manual Work

With EDI solutions you can replace your traditional paper-based system of manually entering order data or invoices

Pre-Built EDI Connections

Tap into more than 100,000+ pre-built EDI connections to quickly set up new suppliers in key categories

Omnichannel Experience

Provide consumers seamless omnichannel experience across channels using standardized EDI transactions

Benefits of EDI in the Retail Industry

EDI helps automate and streamlines your communications with your trading partners. Helping you build strong long term relationships

Easy order management

Gain visibility into your order status from suppliers. Understand if a supplier is fulfilling the order in full or not

Smart Inventory Management

Improve your inventory management in your warehouse by receiving automated ship notices and optimize staff levels

Automate Communication

Automate your communications with your suppliers by sending PO's, payment remittance, and more electronically using EDI 

Invoice reconciliation

Get the EDI data needed from suppliers to automate reconciliation between orders, goods received and invoices

Commport Supply Chain Solutions for Retail

Specialized Integration

Commport's team of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals will help you  synchronize information technology (IT), business cultures and objectives to align with your business strategy and goals.


Value Added Network

Commport facilitates the exchange of information electronically between you and your trading partners through our VAN. Our VAN is a key component of EDI, acting as a single communications link to multiple trading partners.


Global Data Synchronization Network

Commport's GDSN Solution provides businesses with a complete range of data pool options.  Our team will help determine the best solutions for your immediate business needs while laying a foundation for future growth. 


Electronic Data Interchange

Commport's EDI Solution offers functionality, automation and control to organizations looking to automate their fulfillment processes and become EDI compliant.


Problems We Solve



Inventory Management

Inventory Management

EDI Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment

Ecommerce Integration

Ecommerce Integration

ERP Integration

ERP/Accounting Connector

Cloud Based Solution

Cloud Based

The Complete Guide to Supply Chain Metrics

Top 30 Supply Chain Metrics & KPIs to Measure

Supply chain metrics are measurements used to assess the performance of a supply chain. These metrics can help businesses evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their supply chain operations, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their supply chain. Examples of supply chain metrics include on-time delivery, inventory turnover, and order fulfillment rate.

Common EDI X12 Transaction Codes Used  in Retail Industry


EDI X12 Transaction Number

EDI Transaction Name / Document Type


EDI 180

Return Merchandise Authorization and Notification

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EDI 290

Cooperative Advertising Agreements

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EDI 810


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EDI 816

Organizational Relationships

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EDI 832

Price/Sales Catalog

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EDI 846

Inventory Inquiry/Advice

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EDI 850

Purchase Order

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EDI 855

Purchase Order Acknowledgment

Read More

EDI 856

Ship Notice/Manifest

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EDI 857

Shipment and Billing Notice

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EDI 860

Purchase Order Change Request - Buyer Initiated

Read More

EDI 865

Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement/Request – Seller Initiated

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EDI 869

Order Status Inquiry

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EDI 870

Order Status Report

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EDI 875

Grocery Product Purchase Order

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EDI 876

Grocery Products Purchase Order Change

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EDI 877

Manufacturer Coupon Family Code Structure

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EDI 880

Grocery Products Invoice

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EDI 881

Manufacturer Coupon Redemption Detail

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EDI 885

Retail Account Characteristics

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EDI 887

Coupon Notification

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EDI 888

Item Maintenance

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