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Home Hardware EDI

Home Hardware has had a standing EDI requirement with its suppliers for several years, while most trading partners have complied and are in good standing, there is a large number of trading partners not sending Purchase Order Acknowledgements (855) and Advance Ship Notices (ASN 856). Home Hardware is requesting all suppliers to begin using the EDI transactions listed below.

Home Hardware is committed to this strategic course and believes that it will benefit you by eliminating PO errors before the product is shipped, eliminating lost or misplaced documents, and streamlining the logistics process by providing visibility to accurate and on-time shipments. Failure to comply with this request may result in non-compliance fees and a review of your Supplier status with Home Hardware.

Home Hardware EDI Info

ISA: 201481793
Qualifier: 01
GS ID: 201481793

Training Documentation: Using Internet EDI for Home Hardware


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