EDI 945 - Warehouse Shipping Advice

The EDI 945 warehouse shipping advice is a type of electronic data interchange transaction set that is used to confirm the completion of a shipment. The 945 is usually sent from a third-party logistics provider (3PL) or remote warehouse, to their client, letting them know that a shipment has taken place.
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What is EDI 945?

The EDI 945 – Warehouse Shipping Advice is usually sent by a third-party warehouse or third-party logistics firm to notify a supplier that a shipment has been made. It provides the information needed for the supplier to reconcile the quantity shipped against the quantity ordered, create an invoice, and generate an 856 Advance Ship Notice (ASN).

This electronic document complies with the ANSI X12 EDI specification.

Benefits of the EDI 945

All EDI documents are securely encrypted in transit, allowing trading partners to send sensitive data such as pricing and contact information safely. benefits are dependent on how automated and integrated the transaction is for both the sender and receiver.

Reduce manual effort within the warehouse to manually submit shipping advice documents and reduce time for the supplier to process paper-based shipping documents

Eliminate errors by reducing the volume of paperwork and increase operating efficiencies through reduced time requirements to complete transactions by both parties

For sellers, essential information is available to update sales orders and inventory quantities along with completing EDI 856 creation for those customers that require it.

How is an EDI 945 Used?

in preparation of a shipment a seller sends their 3PL or warehouse a 940 Warehouse Shipping Order, which outlines the goods required and other shipping details and instructions. The warehouse works to complete the order shipment and returns an EDI 945 once the shipment has left the warehouse. EDI 945 relays the details of the shipment.

The EDI 945 contains all the information the seller needs to reconcile the shipment against the sales order and send an EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice if required. The seller will confirm their receipt of EDI 945 by sending back an EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement. 

EDI 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice Segments

  • Product SKUs or identifiers and quantities shipped 
  • Shipment date and time of departure 
  • Seller, warehouse, and/or delivery location information 
  • Carrier details and shipping method 
  • Shipment payment information 
  • Shipment tracking information, such as a tracking number or bill of lading number 
  • Inventory tracking information such a lot/batch numbers and serial numbers 
  • Carton and pallet level detail where appropriate

EDI 945 Specifications

  • Transaction Set Header (ST):

    • ST01: Transaction Set Identifier Code (945)
    • ST02: Transaction Set Control Number
  • Shipping Notice (W06):

    • W0601: Reporting Code
    • W0602: Shipment Identification Number
    • W0603: Reference Identification
    • W0604: Date
  • Reference Numbers (REF):

    • REF01: Reference Identification Qualifier
    • REF02: Reference Identification
  • Shipment Information (N1 Loop):

    • N1 Segment (Name):
      • N101: Entity Identifier Code (ST for Ship-To, SF for Ship-From)
      • N102: Name
      • N103: Identification Code Qualifier
      • N104: Identification Code
    • N3 Segment (Address Information):
      • N301: Address Information
      • N302: Address Information
    • N4 Segment (Geographic Location):
      • N401: City Name
      • N402: State or Province Code
      • N403: Postal Code
      • N404: Country Code
  • Carrier Details (TD5):

    • TD501: Routing Sequence Code
    • TD502: Identification Code Qualifier
    • TD503: Identification Code
    • TD504: Transportation Method/Type Code
    • TD505: Routing
  • Item Detail (LX Loop):

    • LX Segment (Assigned Number):
      • LX01: Assigned Number
    • W12 Segment (Item Detail):
      • W1201: Quantity Ordered
      • W1202: Unit or Basis for Measurement Code
      • W1203: Quantity Shipped
      • W1204: Unit or Basis for Measurement Code
      • W1205: UPC Case Code
      • W1206: Product/Service ID Qualifier
      • W1207: Product/Service ID
  • Transaction Totals (CTT):

    • CTT01: Number of Line Items
    • CTT02: Hash Total of Quantity Shipped
  • Transaction Set Trailer (SE):

    • SE01: Number of Included Segments
    • SE02: Transaction Set Control Number

Frequently Asked Questions

EDI 945 is used by manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and third-party logistics providers. It is particularly valuable for businesses that need to confirm and communicate the shipment of goods from their warehouses to their buyers or trading partners.

EDI 945 benefits businesses by improving the accuracy of shipment confirmations, streamlining the receiving process, enhancing inventory management, and providing real-time visibility into shipment status. It reduces manual data entry, minimizing errors and increasing operational efficiency.

Implementing EDI 945 involves setting up EDI software to create, send, receive, and process the document. Businesses need to establish EDI partnerships with their trading partners, agree on data standards, and configure their systems to integrate with existing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Order Management Systems (OMS).

An EDI 945 document typically includes shipment identification numbers, reference numbers, ship-to and ship-from details, carrier information, item details such as product identifiers and quantities shipped, and transaction totals.

Common challenges in using EDI 945 include ensuring data accuracy, maintaining data security, managing different EDI standards, and achieving seamless integration with existing systems. Businesses must also handle the technical complexities of EDI software and maintain strong communication with trading partners to ensure smooth data exchange.

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