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The EDI 867 Product Transfer and Resale Report is a type of electronic data interchange transaction set that is used by suppliers to communicate detailed information about products that have been shipped or are ready to ship to their trading partners.
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What is EDI 867?

The EDI 867 Product Transfer and Resale Report is a type of electronic data interchange transaction set that suppliers use to communicate detailed information about products that have been shipped or are ready to ship to their trading partners.This report helps manage the inventory and sales data between manufacturers, distributors, and retailers by providing insights into the products transferred between parties.

The EDI 867 transaction set is crucial for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of electronic document exchanges by ensuring that any issues with transactions can be quickly identified and addressed.

This electronic document complies with the ANSI X12 EDI specification.

Benefits of the EDI 867

All EDI documents are securely encrypted in transit, allowing trading partners to send sensitive data safely. The implementation and use of EDI 867 bring several benefits to businesses by streamlining supply chain communication and operations. 

Enhanced Accuracy

By automating the data exchange process, EDI 867 reduces the risk of human errors associated with manual data entry.

Enhanced Visibility

EDI 867 provides detailed insights into product movement and sales data across the supply chain. This visibility allows companies to track performance, analyze trends, and identify opportunities for improvement in their supply chain and sales strategies.

Better Inventory Management:

With detailed and accurate data about product transfers and sales, businesses can manage their inventory more effectively. This can lead to reduced inventory holding costs, minimized stockouts or overstocks, and improved availability of products for customers.

Improved Efficiency & Cost Savings

EDI allows for the rapid exchange of transaction documents, significantly reducing processing times. This efficiency not only speeds up the supply chain but also enables quicker responses to market demands and changes in inventory levels. All leading to significant cost savings in administrative tasks, materials, and labor.

How is an EDI 867 Used?

The EDI 867 Product Transfer and Resale Report is an essential tool in the supply chain, enabling businesses to automate and standardize the exchange of  information about product transfers and sales between trading partners. Using EDI not only enhances operational efficiency and accuracy but also supports better inventory management, strategic decision-making, and partnership relations. The integration of EDI 867 allows for the analysis of sales trends and performance, driving continuous improvement and facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements, thereby optimizing supply chain operations and contributing to business growth.

EDI 867 Components

  • Transaction Set Header (ST)

  • Beginning Segment for Product Transfer and Resale Report (BPT)

  • Reference Identification (REF)

  • Date/Time Reference (DTM)

  • Product/Item Description (PID)

  • Quantity Information (QTY)

  • Monetary Amount Information (AMT)

  • Name (N1)

  • Line Item Detail (LIN)

  • Product/Service ID (PID):  Terms of Sale/Deferred Terms of Sale (ITD)

  • Carrier Details (TD5)

  • Transaction Totals (TDS) 

  • Transaction Set Trailer (SE)


EDI 867 Specifications

EDI 867, known as Product Transfer and Resale Report, is structured around a set of standard segments and elements defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) X12 format. The specifications ensure consistent and efficient exchange of information between trading partners across various industries.


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) chartered the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 to develop uniform standards for inter-industry electronic exchange of business transactions, namely electronic data interchange. ASC X12 also contributes to UN/EDIFACT messages that are used widely outside of the United States. https://www.x12.org

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