EDI 210-Motor Carrier Details and Invoice

The EDI 210 - Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice is a type of electronic data interchange transaction set, which replaces a paper invoice and is used by commercial truckers and other freight carriers. It is most often sent from the carrier to a shipper, consignee, or third-party payment center for payment of freight charges. 
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What is EDI 210?

An EDI 210 is a type of electronic data interchange transaction set, which replaces a paper invoice and is used by commercial truckers and other freight carriers. It is most often sent from the carrier to a shipper, consignee, or third-party payment center for payment of freight charges. 

The EDI 210 is transmitted to the transportation provider by the shipper. After the 210 is received, a 997 Functional Acknowledgement is sent back from the transportation provider indicating that the Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice were successfully received.

This electronic document complies with the ANSI X12 EDI specification.

Benefits of the EDI 210

All EDI documents are securely encrypted in transit, allowing trading partners to send sensitive data safely. Benefits of the EDI 210 can include:

Eliminate the costs associated with the use of paper documents

Minimize the labor cost performing daily redundant data entry operations

Save time and increase of employee’s productivity

Reduce errors due to manual data entry

For motor carrier companies, using EDI 210 can speed up the billing process, allowing them to get paid much faster by their business partners

For shippers, EDI 210 provides a clear and accurate view of costs, helping to effectively plan a company’s finances

How is an EDI 210 Used?

Typically, the carrier sends the EDI 210 transaction, after the shipment has been delivered to the destination. The EDI 210 document, will indicate the full amount required for a shipment, as well as the terms of payment.
After a 210 Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice is received,  a 997 Functional Acknowledgement. is sent back from the transportation provider to indicate that the 210 transaction was successfully received.

EDI 210 Segments

  • Invoice date and number 
  • Order details (items, quantities, and weights etc.)
  • Payment terms
  • Method of shipment 
  • Shipper name and address information 
  • Carrier information 
  • Delivery information (proof of delivery, tracking numbers, etc.)

EDI 210 Specifications

This X12 Transaction Set contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice Transaction Set for use within the context of an EDI environment. The transaction set can be used to provide detailed information for charges for services rendered by a motor carrier. It is used both as a motor carrier invoice to request payment or as information details pertaining to motor freight shipment(s) charges.


The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) chartered the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 to develop uniform standards for inter-industry electronic exchange of business transactions, namely electronic data interchange. ASC X12 also contributes to UN/EDIFACT messages that are used widely outside of the United States. Accredited Standards Committee X12. ASC X12 Standard https://x12.org/index.php/products/transaction-sets

Frequently Asked Questions

EDI 210 is used by motor carriers to electronically invoice shippers or third-party logistics providers (3PLs) for freight transportation services. It helps streamline the billing process and ensures accurate and timely payment.

EDI 210 benefits businesses by reducing manual data entry, minimizing errors, and speeding up the invoicing and payment processes. It enhances transparency in billing, improves cash flow management, and facilitates quicker dispute resolution.

Implementing EDI 210 involves setting up EDI software to create, send, receive, and process the document. Businesses need to establish EDI partnerships with their shippers or logistics providers, agree on data standards, and configure their systems to integrate with existing accounting and transportation management systems.

An EDI 210 document typically includes details such as the shipment’s origin and destination, pickup and delivery dates, itemized freight charges, fuel surcharges, accessorial fees, payment terms, and carrier identification information

Common challenges in using EDI 210 include ensuring data accuracy, maintaining data security, managing different EDI standards, and achieving seamless integration with existing systems. Businesses must also handle the technical complexities of EDI software and maintain strong communication with trading partners to ensure smooth data exchange.

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