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Commport Datapool for Demand Partners (Buyers / Retailers)

GDSN 101

Global Data Synchronization services for buyers

Retailers are an important link in the supply chain, connecting suppliers with end consumers. Providing a reliable supply of products to retail customers means maintaining an equally reliable flow of product data in their relationship with their suppliers. Global Data Synchronization (GDS) is a key strategy in this process.

Traditionally, retailers have relied on paper-based processes for receiving information on product updates and new product releases. From paper documents, this critical information needs to be manually processed before it can be shared with the retailer’s operations side. A Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) data pool or data feed automates the flow of product data between retailers and their suppliers, creating more efficiency for greater cost effectiveness.

Tactically, retailers participate in Global Data Synchronization by subscribing to their suppliers’ data through Certified datapools. This subscription allows them to receive automated updates on supplier and product information for up-to-the-minute visibility.

Commport Datapool Solution for retailers

Commport Datapool offers unique features to enable retailers to manage their data synchronization initiative.  As a GDSN-certified datapool, Commport offers full GDSN access along with our comprehensive Message Center. This detailed view enables retailers to quickly and easily manage and track their data synchronization initiative with their supplier community, providing real time visibility into the communications process.

The Commport Datapool provides comprehensive and flexible integration options allowing retailers to define the global data sync model that works best for them. Commport’s experienced team works with individual retailers to identify their specific integration, data management and supplier community-enablement model. Our support encompasses consulting and project management to help retailers become part of the GDSN.

GDSN data pool training and support to get you up and running

As a standard part of getting started with Commport all participating retailers and trading partners receive online training. Buyers will have a dedicated customer support representative for consistency, and access to our support desk to answer any questions along the way.


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