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Commport Datapool for Supply Partners (Suppliers)

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Global Data Synchronization services for suppliers

Suppliers know the products they are selling better than anyone else. Not only are they the source of product in the supply chain, but they are also the source of the information about those products. The key for suppliers is to have high quality product master data and to communicate it efficiently and effectively with all customers using Global Data Synchronization.

Commport Datapool offers unique features to enable suppliers and supply side organizations to easily onboard, manage and synchronize their item data with their demand side customers. 

Easy and flexible GDSN data pool onboarding

Commport offers a number of tools and solutions whereby suppliers can upload their item data into the GDSN data pool, including:

  • Bulk upload templates
  • XML
  • Customized Spread Sheets
  • Flat Files
  • Manually keying data into the online Item Entry Wizard. 

These flexible options allow suppliers to choose the onboarding service that best meets their immediate needs while allowing them options to grow into the future. While some suppliers start off using the Item Entry Wizard, they may wish or need to change this as their data synchronization initiatives mature. Commport Datapool offers the flexibility for suppliers to integrate their internal Product Information Management tasks with their GDSN data pool activities.

GDSN data pool training and support to get you up and running

Commport provides all of our customers with online training as well as a dedicated customer support representative and 24/7 access to our support desk to answer any of your questions.

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