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Designed by and for Healthcare users, CommCARE Procurement truly is intuitive and easy to use, requiring very little training.  In the background it is a complex engine that helps manage total spend, making use of a set of customizable business rules created by the Healthcare Provider or Providers in the case of GPOs.

Workflows can be designed to manage and control user activities without presenting buyers with closed doors, roadblocks or unreasonable delays in the satisfaction of their procurement needs.

CommCARE Marketplace

The CommCARE marketplace is powered by the eMarketplace from Prodigo Solutions.  Those who have experienced the eMarketplace have likened it to any existing web-based shopping experience calling it the Amazon-for-Healthcare.

How It Works

Ordering Items

Reusable shopping carts or procurement lists make for quick and easy order creation and submission.

If buyers create the same shopping cart or use the same reduced list of products on a regular basis and tend not to vary the order, this feature saves resource time and eliminates the potential for errors.

Rich Information

See product images, item details, description, ratings, advanced pricing information and other attributes. Administrators’ notes, back order alerts, substitute items and recall notifications are all attached to the items to ensure patient safety and order efficiency. Graphics of the products can be linked through a URL or attached directly to the items in the catalogue.

Supplier Punch-Out Integration

Access punch-out hosted catalogues, internal item masters, GPO catalogues and supplier websites through the CommCARE Procurement portal adding items to cart and use the checkout process back into your legacy systems.

The checkout and EDI processes happen in the background through your existing business systems. This is an effective way to access products you have contracted with in a native eCommerce experience and having the activity integrated into your existing business processes.

Contract Management

Each item is passed through the contract compliance module to check for a current contract and pricing is compared with that contract. 

Users can be notified if a product they have selected is not on contract and stopped if business rules are set up as such, or management can be alerted that this activity falls outside of the current contract list so actin can be taken.

Tools and Features

Contract Administration Module

The Contract Administration Module provides administrative access to contract header and item attributes (terms, commitments, effective dates, contract responsibilities, items and prices, etc.) Contract administrators have a filtered view of the contracts they are assigned to manage with visibility of all the contracts they have permission to access.

Simple Search Across Everything

Search - Procurement


No need to know vendor or product number. Search by description, part number, vendor, manufacturer or product name. Results are sourced from the entire catalogue set, including internal and external sources including authorized vendor website.

Efficient Checkout

Cart - Procurement


Simple purchasing experience with express checkout, item number recall and cart options to reduce the time required to procure items. Enhanced favorites to save frequently purchased items for quick recall. Share favorite items with colleagues.

Rich Product Checkout

Product - Procurement


Item images with magnification helps quickly identify items. View item description, pricing information, location based pricing, ratings, associated or replacement products, FDA notifications, administrator notes, back order notices, and other ERP generated attributes.

User and Permissions

User Interface - Procurement



Manage user access permissions and account credentials, which can be emails or employee logins.  Create location and contract specific pricing attributes.

Punch-Out Integrations 

Integration - Procurement



Item content is accessed through locally hosted item attributes or through punch-out catalogue connections. This allows product content within the eProcurement platform to be hosted at its source and accessed through the marketplace.

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