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Commport Business Analytics allows you to leverage visual supply chain and organizational spend data, giving decision makers powerful intelligence to make better strategic decisions.


Traditional supply chain analytics take time to compile and present. Receive real-time, rich data from one system to measure supply chain performance and savings.

Generating rich reports or viewing graphical data doesn't have to be complicated

A key driver of supply chain performance is the ability to maintain relationships and visibility with your largest vendors to eliminate costly errors. Monitoring spend of the organizational breadth you manage gives you the ability to negotiate and build stronger bonds with your vendor community, extracting more value out of each relationship.

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The Complete Guide to Supply Chain Metrics

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Commport Business Analytics Solution - Sample Dashboard

See Savings 

Purchase Orders that contain an error, result in costly reconciliation costs, as studies show it can cost as much as $60 plus to manually reconcile a Purchase Order with an error. Using visibility into order and order vendor response will result in immediate ROI benefits by reducing reconciliation time and price inaccuracies.

In one view you see the dollar value gained from increased efficiencycontrolvendor collaborationreduced errors and eliminated manual paper based workflows.

Visualize Your Metrics

Budget owners, finance leaders and procurement managers have access to the rich analytics and data they need, in an intuitive custom dashboard. With a few clicks, information on organizational spendtransactionserrorsorder exceptions and vendor KPI scorecard metrics are all presented graphically for easy monitoring, reporting and strategic decision making.

Commport Business Analytics Solution - Sample Dashboard

Dashboard Tools & Features

Spend Analysis Dashboard

Visibility into spend metrics across the supply chain allowing you to track the total value of organizational purchasing.  See how much your organization has spent this week, by either individual location or vendor; or report spend by product and product type or classification. Find out spend by buyer, vendor, ship to location, business unit or product category to eliminate maverick off contract spend and reign in cost efficiencies.

Order Transaction Dashboard

Provides critical order information to ensure smooth and effective supply chain operations. All transactions are tracked and can be viewed by time frame, vendor, transaction type or by each individual electronic document. Built in is an order exceptions dashboard that highlights problem transactions to be reconciled, saving expensive manual labor costs. Orders which contain price discrepancies between PO, POA and Invoice trigger a notification to be verified to ensure bad data is not continually passed along.

Rebate Savings Dashboard

Displays all your product rebate savings from your entire vendor community. Through this view find savings from your top vendors to build better value relationships and savings. Search by vendor, category or classification.

Price Change Impact Analysis

Get insight into the effect of changing product prices based on your organizational purchasing behavior. Understanding the effect of a price increase or re-negotiated contract, allows decision makers to better understand the effect on supply chain costs.


Identify Item Exceptions Quickly Find problem transactions that have Back Ordered, Rejected, Deleted items that may cause supply disruptions. In addition, gain visibility into Item SubstitutionsPrice ChangesQuantity Changes and On Hold Items to eliminate potential errors.
Transaction Price Flow Visibility Find 2-way price discrepancies between the Purchase Order and Price Order Acknowledgement or 3-way between PO,POA and Invoice to ensure price accuracy across the purchase life cycle. View price exceptions by vendor to find areas for improvement.
View Organizational Spend Gain visibility into entire organizational spend in one view with search and filters into historical timeframes. Reporting and Analysis is easy with quick reporting.
Find Savings Quickly track all your savings rebates from your vendor community. Track your top vendors to build stronger relationships to deliver more value to your supply chain.


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