Internet EDI

Commport’s Internet EDI Solution Software for small or new businesses. 

Whether you are just getting started in the world of Electronic Data Interchange or you have low-volume data exchange needs, Commport’s Internet EDI is an economical solution, that is easy to use.

Even smaller or mid-sized vendors need to be compliant with their large retail customers. As a low cost option, our Internet EDI enables you to get up and running with very little investment required. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser and you can begin exchanging EDI with your trading partners today.

User-friendly Internet EDI

The straightforward Internet EDI document interface is user-friendly and doesn’t require a lot of experience with EDI systems. It tailors the screen to include only the information requested by your trading partners. All forms include business rule validations and controls, ensuring effortless compliance with your trading partner’s EDI programs.

Commport’s Internet EDI Solution is a fully capable EDI system which includes:

  • Management capabilities for hundreds of trading partners
  • MH10 shipping labels
  • Access to a dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable service team
  • Proactive notification email alerts
  • Business rule validations
  • Duplicate checking
  • Access to Commport’s visibility tool, RouterLiNK
  • Reports for all inbound transactions
  • Retrievable archive
  • Document import and export to enable partial integration

Handles virtually any standard business document including:

  • Purchase Orders (850)
  • Invoices (810) and Credits (812)
  • Advanced Ship Notices – ASNs (856)
  • Remittance Advices (820)
  • Text Messages (864)
  • Purchase Order Changes (860) and Acknowledgements (855)
  • Planning Schedules (830)
  • Functional Acknowledgements (997)
  • And more!

With Commport’s Internet EDI, you get all of the benefits from EDI without any of the headaches. No software to install, no limit to the trading partners or transaction types available, easy access through the use of an Internet browser and all at a cost that you can afford.  What could be easier?

If you are interested in seeing a video demo of Commport’s Internet EDI Solution please contact our sales team.