Commport’s Integrated EDI Software Solution

Commport’s Integrated EDI software as a service solution is a proven and cost-effective platform without the initial outlay associated with traditional EDI Software.

Integrated EDI Key Features:


  • Integrate business documents with your internal operations using Commport’s extensive library of available plug-ins for mid-market and higher business systems.


  • User visibility into activity on the Commport Network through Commport Monitor and Commport Portal.


  • Achieve seamless translation, converting business system documents into documents that are global standards compliant.


  • Connect to the powerful Commport VAN, which supports all of today’s communications protocols and connectivity with other Value Added Networks globally


  • Mappings and translation are managed by Commport, so there is no software to install or maintain.


  • Exceed your trading partners needs with documents that are formatted to meet their specific business requirements.


  • Connect directly with your trading partners using protocols such as AS2 or sFTP.


  • Commport is a single-source solution with a commitment to end-to-end service: we own and operate 100% of the infrastructure and provide the service and support to back it up.

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An Integrated EDI solution translates your inbound documents, like purchase orders, from your trading partners’ EDI files into a format that can be imported directly into your ERP, accounting or other business system.

When you’re ready to send out invoices, PO acknowledgments or other outbound documents, it takes the format exported from your system and translates it into the EDI formats required by your trading partners.

Translation is fast and reliable – so you can focus on your business.

The solution grows easily as your business grows and adding new customers is easy.


What people say about it

Commport has proven to me to be one of the best partners I have had the pleasure of working with. From customer service to account management to education, Commport has excelled in every aspect. Without your partnership, we wouldn’t have achieved EDI progress our organization is at today. Thank you for your support!

Reggie | CFO

Thanks for all the hard work made for this project, you made us feel quickly confident with our choice of a EDI provider. It was a pleasure dealing with you and we are confident that future projects with Commport will be as good of an experience as the start was.

Matthieu | Project Manager
Commport Integrated EDI Infographic

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This quick infographic breaks down how an integrated EDI solution works, the difference between cloud EDI and finally the benefits of having an Integrated EDI solution for your business.

Integrated EDI - Frequently Asked Questions