997 Reporting

997’s are important, but often overlooked as a small piece of the overall EDI process. Ever experienced for late or unpaid invoices because your customers didn’t get them? Knowing if your customer has received your documents is a huge part of running a business.

997 Reporting

Commport’s matching to 997 Reporting service takes on the responsibly of interpreting all your 997s, finding the documents (ie invoices, ASNs, etc) that the 997 is acknowledging and then producing and emailing you a report which identifies any documents that are not acknowledged.

Manually confirming transactions is not only complicated  but time consuming, and for customers with lots of traffic, it’s a bit like finding a needle in a haystack.  Let Commport take on that task and deliver you the same great service and support you need to run your business successfully







Benefits of the Functional Acknowledgment


The 997 Functional Acknowledgment is a crucial component of the EDI process, facilitating communication between trading partners by ensuring that documents are received and can be processed. It helps in maintaining the efficiency and reliability of EDI transactions by providing a mechanism for error detection and correction early in the transaction process.

Expertise and Efficiency

Commport has the expertise to manage and troubleshoot various EDI transactions effectively, ensuring that your EDI processes run smoothly.

Cost Savings

Managing EDI in-house requires investment in both technology and skilled personnel. By outsourcing, companies can avoid these costs while benefiting from Commport's economies of scale. This can be particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses that may not have the resources to maintain 997 transactions.

Focus on Core Business Activities

Outsourcing 997 reporting allows businesses to focus on their core activities without the distraction of managing complex EDI requirements. This can lead to improved performance in areas that directly contribute to revenue and growth.

Compliance and Accuracy

Commport stays up-to-date with the latest standards and requirements, ensuring that your 997 acknowledgments and other EDI transactions are always compliant. This reduces the risk of errors and non-compliance penalties.


As your business grows, your EDI needs will change. Outsourcing can easily scale up services to accommodate increased volumes of transactions, including 997 acknowledgments, without any significant delays or the need for additional investments from your side.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 997 Functional Acknowledgment (FA) is a specific type of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) document used to confirm the receipt of another EDI transaction. The 997 does not necessarily validate the business data within the transaction; instead, it acknowledges that the document was received and indicates whether it could be successfully interpreted according to the EDI standards. It’s part of the set of standards governed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) X12 EDI format.

  1. Acknowledgment of Receipt: It serves as a formal confirmation that the EDI document has been received by the intended recipient’s computer system.

  2. Syntax Validation: The 997 can inform the sender whether the received EDI document adhered to the syntax rules of the specific EDI standard being used (e.g., X12). This includes checking the structure and format of the document.

  3. Acceptance or Rejection: It indicates whether the received EDI document was accepted or rejected. Acceptance means that the document was successfully interpreted. If it was rejected, the 997 would typically include information about why the document failed (such as errors in the structure or content).

  4. Error Reporting: For documents that are rejected, the 997 provides codes that specify what errors were found. This can help the sender to correct the issues and resend the document.

  1. Confirmation of Receipt: One of the primary benefits of a Functional Acknowledgment is that it provides immediate confirmation that the EDI document has been received by the intended recipient. This is crucial for maintaining the flow of business transactions, as it ensures that messages do not get lost in transmission. It provides a clear audit trail that can be referenced in case of disputes or inquiries, enhancing trust and accountability between trading partners.

  2. Error Detection and Correction: A Functional Acknowledgment can report back on errors found in the received document, such as syntax errors or issues with specific segments or elements that do not comply with the agreed-upon standards. This early detection allows senders to quickly address and correct these issues, reducing the time and costs associated with manual checks and data entry work. It helps maintain data quality and integrity across EDI transactions, which is critical for automating business processes.

  3. Efficiency in Processing: By automating the confirmation and error reporting process, 997’s contribute to overall process efficiency. They allow businesses to move faster by enabling real-time or near-real-time transaction processing. This accelerates the order-to-cash cycle, inventory restocking, and other time-sensitive business operations. The 997 identifies issues early in the transaction process, reducing delays and improving the speed of business communications.


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