EDI with Wayfair LLC 

Wayfair EDI Compliant Solutions

Wayfair LLC is the world’s largest online seller of home furnishings and décor with more than 8 million products from over 10,000 suppliers.  These numbers are growing, and Wayfair was recently named the fastest growing retailer by Total Retail

Whether you’re already currently selling through Wayfair or are planning to start, Commport has the solution to meet your needs and help with your Wayfair EDI compliance.

EDI with Wayfair LLC 

Doing business with Wayfair requires a very efficient supply chain.  The consumer experience, from a purchasing decision through to order and product delivery, is paramount.  To facilitate this, Wayfair uses the below listed EDI transactions.  Commport’s EDI solutions will ensure your compliance with Wayfair’s EDI needs.

EDI for Wayfair
  • Send 870 Order Status Response in answer to an 869, this lets Wayfair know the status of the order as you complete fulfillment.
  • 860 Purchase Order Change.
  • 865 PO Change Response to confirm you've received the 860 and have adjusted the customer order appropriately.
  • 856 Ship Notice
  • 810 Invoice
  • 846 Inventory Reports on a regular basis.  Wayfair requests an update each time inventory data is updated in your system but requires at least one update per day.
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgements
  • 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender

Commport Solutions


Get started today with no software to install, helpful training videos and easy to follow step-by-step guides.  Commport’s Internet EDI solution makes Wayfair EDI compliance a breeze!

  •  Compliant Shipping Labels and Packing Slips
  •  Knowledgeable support team to answer all your questions
  •  Manage Wayfair and hundreds of other trading partners
  •  Receive email alerts when you have new documents waiting
  •  Built-in business rule validations
EDI - Commport Services
Commport Communications Integrated EDI Process


Go “Hands-free” so you can focus on increasing your sales and growing your business.  With custom options for reporting and integration with hundreds of ERP, Accounting and other business systems Commport has an Integrated EDI solution to meet your needs.

  • Seamless conversion of your business system documents into EDI
  • Support for Wayfair and hundreds of other trading partners
  • Detailed reporting and user visibility through Commport Monitor


Worried your system can’t produce all of the data for Wayfair EDI compliance?  Combine Integrated EDI for those documents you can produce with Internet EDI for those you can’t!  Many companies have a business system that handles POs and Invoices just fine, but is unable to produce the Ship Notice or other required documents.  Combining these solutions to get benefits of Integration where you can, and stay Wayfair EDI compliant where you can’t.

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