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Transforming Your Supply Chain

Supply chain expenses rank as one of the largest costs in the budget for Healthcare Providers which is directing Providers to look for solutions to control costs without sacrificing the quality of care. However, not only is the supply chain a large expense, it is highly complex and relies on many systems and individuals to work together in a coordinated effort. To increase efficiency and control costs, Providers are turning to modern technologies to help manage all aspects of their supply chain.  CommCARE technologies deliver the solutions.

Improved Procurement Process - Commport Communications

Improved Procurement Process

A significant area of struggle for the supply chain begins with the purchasing process. Most Providers’ current Item Master files contain errors created as a result of the lack of resources needed for continual maintenance, lack the detailed information, including images, and do not provide direction toward contracted items needed to make informed purchases. Many of these ERP procurement systems are at or near ‘green screen’ technologies level resulting in slow cumbersome creation of basic purchase orders.

CommCARE’s procurement solutions provide a user-friendly, one-stop ‘shopping’ experience where all their products and vendors under one, unified item content repository providing purchasers with enhanced search capabilities, product images and detailed descriptions.  This Item Master file is electronically maintained in fully automatic way, eliminating the need for manual maintenance interface reducing resource requirements and errors created in a manual process.

Reduced Errors During Requisition

Healthcare organizations that have adopted CommCARE’s technology report being able to increase order efficiency by 30 percent after implementation, which resulting in an average savings of $31 per order.

Commport will interface this technology to your ERP system, connect your supply chain and financial systems and simplifying the approval processes. These steps will provide enhanced visibility throughout the purchasing process, helping to flag non-compliant activity and special request items so that buyers can eliminate rogue purchases. It also allows orders to be approved or rejected on a line-by-line basis or the total order.

With its highly configurable capabilities, CommCARE procurement technologies can be configured so its workflow requisition approval process adheres to your facility’s procurement policies and business rules.

Reduced Errors During Requisition - Commport Communications
Enhanced Contract Management - Commport Communications

Enhanced Contract Management

Healthcare supply chains rely heavily upon the savings potential involved in negotiated product contracts with vendors, often having to manage thousands of contracts from various sources at any one time. This complexity and manual nature of maintenance can result in contracts being signed but not monitored closely, letting rebate opportunities or expirations fall through without notice. Poor contract compliance has resulted in millions of dollars being left on the table.

CommCARE procurement technologies will help hospitals better manage their contracts and monitor terms and conditions, expirations and discounts and rebates.  They will also influence compliant purchases at the point of requisition creation by only showing the requestor contracted items, reducing off-contract spend.  A better managing contracts will generate many millions in savings per year.

Easily Automate Paperless Transactions

Efficient requisition creation and monitoring is only part of the transformation available. Interacting with vendors in a paperless, electronic fashion using EDI eliminates the spending of a large amount of time and money on resolving paper-based supply chain issues.  Studies have shown that the process of creating accurate purchase orders and using EDI for delivery and receipt of the subsequent order acknowledgements and invoices will generate savings of between $60.00 and $100.00 per order.  Not only does this allow real-time, detailed visibility throughout the lifespan of the transaction, but it can help your facility track key order and invoice trends over time.

The supply chain will continue to be a critical and complex part of the Healthcare system. CommCARE Services from Commport allows you to better manage all aspects of the supply chain, understand the capabilities of modern supply chain technologies and seek out a partner that can provide support, from the point of requisition through the transactions.

Easily Automate Paperless Transactions - Commport Communications


“Our monthly costs with Commport are almost half and we expect further overall cost reductions when we begin to use the Commport translation software and migrate away from EDIsoft.”

Jean-Pierre | President

“Since moving our business over to Commport from Sterling, we have cut our monthly spend by 55%. Their performance is reliable, and if we need information or hands-on assistance, we get it.”

Harry | General Manager

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