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Why Choose Commport Prepaid Support Packages,

  • Usage of the prepaid time can start immediately
  • Support time is tracked to the minute with a 15 minute minimum.
  • The time will be available to the customer for three years
  • Get extra free hours with our support packages
  • Our regular hourly support is billed at $90.00/hour, so you save big with our prepaid support packages
No of Hours Regular Price Sale Price

You Save

Extra Free Hours
                              5 Hours     $415 $325 $90 1 Hour Free
8 Hours $650 $500 $150 1.75 Hour Free


*All prices are in CAD

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As a customer centric service organization, Commport is always striving to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the solutions and services that we offer.

With prepaid support packages you get,

Get Extra Free Hours

With prepaid support packages get extra free hours of support.

Save Money

Save up to $150 with our new discounted pricing.

Start Immediately

Usage of the prepaid time can start immediately.

Services Available With Prepaid Support Packages,

  • Mapping changes
  • Consultations or professional services
  • Report changes
  • Trading partner requests
  • Translation changes
  • Updates to lookup tables
  • Changes to Internet EDI (Excluding bug fixes)
Customer service executive working at Commport office