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GDSN Initiative Overview

A major customer to Halfon Candy, Bartell Drugs, is in the process of moving off their existing ERP platform to a new Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP platform later this year. This improvement will allow Halfon Candy to collaborate with Bartell Drugs in a more automated, seamless fashion.

Bartell Drugs will be utilizing the GDSN* as their product content system which will ensure total accuracy of all product data. As such, we are required to provide GDSN product content to Bartell Drugs. As a current supplier to Halfon Candy whose products we sell to Bartell Drugs, we are joining the GDSN as a Data Recipient and will use the GDSN as our go-forward product content solution to provide your data to Bartell Drugs and to operate our business. We will use your GDSN data internally and use a separate GDSN Data Source account to manage the publication of your data to Bartell Drugs.

Key Documents for Download

GDSN Initiative IN GDSN Supplier Letter

GDSN Initiative NOT IN GDSN Supplier Letter

Halfon Candy GDSN Community Enablement Guide

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